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Thread: Hello from BC!

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    Default Hello from BC!


    I'm so happy to have found this forum. I have spent the past hour reading various posts. It all feels very reassuring, knowing that, at the press of the button you can share your story, and know that there are other people on the other end who know what you / your child are going through.

    I'm not really sure where to start in my story. For the past 6 months my daughter, 7, has had eye blinking, opening eyes, and closing them very tightly. I hadn't put much thought into it, and figured it would probably go away.

    In December she had a christmas concert at school. 2 performances in 1 day. I went to the morning performance, and noticed, that while she was up on stage she was doing her eye blinking, it followed by some sudden head jerks, and some thrusts from the upper body. I was shocked to see that happen to her. Later that night she had a repeat performance of the concert. Her tics had become much worse. Including more head jerking, eye blinking, and her mouth had started "freezing". I ended up taking her to emergency, as I wanted to rule out a seizure. The dr. there asked me if she had any signs of OCD. At the time I couldn't think of any, and also told me to start getting family history together.

    That night after I returned home I started to think, and write things down as I could think of them, as well over the next few days I gathered much information from the internet.

    The following day her principal came up to me with tears in her eyes. She told me that her son has tourettes and my daughter reminded her of her son. She was also my daughters grade 1 teacher. We talked for quite awhile, and she says that thinking back to the previous year, there were some things she observed that would go along with this.

    After meeting with my daughters teacher, she has said that what should take her 5 mintues to do, is taking her an hour. I have seen class pictures, where the class is up doing something fun, and my daughter is in the background working at her desk on math, writing etc.

    There are some things my daughter does that lead me to believe she does have OCD. She is a perfectionist in every meaning of the word.

    Although most wouldn't know (from what they see of my daughter), her anger has also been an issue. When she becomes upset she becomes very upset. Her strength can be that of an adult, she will kick, scream, throw things, break things, start hyperventalating, and after about 10 -15 minutes she will calm down, cry and is the sweet child we know her to be.

    She has had approx. 4-5 night terrors since birth, as well, we have gone through bouts of sleep walking / talking.

    While trying to think of things that could have been signs, I remembered back to last year, when my daughter had a cough (and no signs of a cold / flu). I took her to her dr. who suggested it could be allergies to the woodstove, dust etc. This cough lasted for approx. 3 months then disappeared. She has also gone through a bout of clearing her throat, and sniffling. With eye tics in between. It all seems to be a circle...if it isn't one, it's another. I didn't put any of this together until I saw the noticable head jerks at the concert.

    She was referred to a pedeatrician in our area, whom agree'd that she did indeed have a tic disorder and OCD, but didn't want to label it as tourette's syndrome.

    My daughters principal has given me a name of the dr. her son saw at Childrens Hospital (BC).
    I have since contacted him, and we are in the process of getting my daughter an apt.

    Thankyou for allowing me a chance to come here, share my story and read stories that are similar to mine.


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    Default Hello from BC!

    Hi Lisa:

    I am glad you have found us.

    Are you in the Victoria area? If so, there is a chapter in your area that holds support meetings and other events that you may find useful. See our affiliates list for the contact information.

    You will find this board to be a great place to start getting some answers to any questions you may have. Good luck with your upcoming appointment. Any word on when it is?
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    Default Hello from BC!


    Welcome to the TSFC Forum! We are available to help with info or support if all you want to do is "vent".

    Is the physician with whom you are setting up an appointment a neurologist or other specialist? As you may know, not all physicians have sufficient training or professional interest in Tourette, so it's helpful to verify his professional interest with his secretary/nurse while making your appointment.

    The secretary/nurse is the physician's frontline person who should have a good understanding of the physician's specialty interest.

    Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start as many as you wish. If you need assistance with Forum navigation, feel free to let us know in the Forum Usage message section.


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    Default Hello from BC!

    Welcome to the TSFC forum! I am glad you found us and your experience is very much like others learning about TS and going through the process of diagnosis.

    Does the specialist you are being referred to have a background in treating children with TS or multiple disorders?

    Your principal sounds like she would benefit to come visit this forum. It can be hard at first as a parent to accept that your child has TS or any other disorder but once you know, it is a new beginning for everyone concerned.

    My son has TS+ which means he has other disorders with TS.

    With proper support and direction you will be alright. I hope you are able the contact the Chapter in your area referenced by Cathy.

    I hope you keep us posted and visit often and participate in on going discussions and topics.
    The parent section and tic parade are good resources for us mom's.

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    Default Hello from BC!

    Hi Lisa

    I am so glad you found us. It is a great place to visit because we are open 24/7 and there are so many wonderful people here ready to listen to your story, offer suggestions and help you find resources... as you have already seen from the posts so far. I live with TS and I have two of my four boys have been diagnosed. I think it is great that you were so open to the possibility of TS and OCD that you could focus and start recording your child history. This will totally be an asset to you as you approach this new doctor for a second opinion. the other thing I would recommend is that you write down all the questions that pop into your mind as you relive your child past few years and have them in this same journal so that you don't forget to ask them once you get your appointment.

    please continue to read the posts and stories shared here. I hope you make this a regular place to visit.
    Janet, mom of 4

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    Default Hello from BC!

    Thanks so much for the warm welcomes!

    After seeing our reg. family dr., as well as my daughters pediatrician, I have contacted Dr. Freeman from Vancouver, BC Children's hospital. I have seen his name on the boards a few times! He is interested in setting up an apt. and meeting with us. I am very excited and thankful!

    I'm from the mid island...approx. 2 hours from Victoria, I will definately look up the Victoria Chapter!

    Thankyou again!

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    Default Hello from BC!

    Great! :D

    Please keep us informed of your progress.

    Until then I hope you continue to participate on this forum. Sharing your own experiences and asking questions helps others and you.

    Take care,

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    Default Hello from BC!

    Hi Lisa! I am also a newbie here on the forum. I am also mid Vancouver Island BC. Nice to meet another islander!

    You are in such excellent hands at BC Children's Hospital. My son was seen for a neuropsychiatric exam 2 years ago and it has provided us with so much helpful information. He was given a proper diagnosis and various treatment options to be followed by the doctor back home.

    I hope it's a positive experience for you and your child. I look forward to hearing more.


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    Default Hello from BC!

    Tamar Chansky's Freeing your child from Obsessive compulsive disorder is a great book!! I highly recommend it if you're dealing with OCD stuff.

    Her anger MAY be connected to the OCD, if she's getting 'stuck' on an obsession. for example, imagine if you (as a person with OCD) were convinced that if you didn't touch the bathroom mirror 5 times with your left hand, something HORRIFIC was going to happen. Then, imagine if something stopped you from performing this act. Yikes! Can you imagine how crazy that would make you feel.. knowing something horrific was going to happen but not being able to touch the mirror for some reason?

    It may also NOT be connected to the OCD, but since you and the doctor agree she's got it, I'd think that might be the best place to start.

    Good luck with this and I hope you'll keep us posted!! :D

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    Default Hello from BC!

    Thanks so much for your info. I have been doing quite a bit of reading, and yesterday spoke to her teacher. The teacher is willing to cut the work in 1/2 and place her in a different seat in the class.

    I really didn't think she had any OCD traits, but the more I think and write down, the more I understand. What I thought was her being "picky and strong willed about" are all things that may or not be OCD.

    Right now, if there's change in her routine or a change in the house, it's a crying fit that may last until she's onto something else, or whatever the change is, it's changed back. If we don't stop to get the mail after school, then it's a screaming and crying fit until we get home, and she thinks of something else.

    I can NOT for the life of me get her to change the brand of toothpaste, being 7, she still wants to use a toothpaste that she was using when she was 3. If I do buy a different brand she will refuse to brush her teeth, or make herself sick over the fact that I am changing brands.

    That was one I realized the other night...I didn't think it was an OCD issue, however, now thinking about it...I suppose it goes part and parcel. It's unreal the amount of things I have learnt about her over such a short period of time, especially because I thought I knew all there was to know about her!

    Often she refuses to talk about her feelings, however last night she did mention a few things that I found interesting, such as her school work, and how she finds it hard NOT to think about other things when she should be doing her work. She also said something about number 3. And everything has to be in 3's. Something I have never noticed. However, looking around at things, yes, how could I not have seen it?!

    Haejinn -- I will look for that book...sounds like a great read!

    Thankyou again, you are all very supportive and helpful!


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