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Thread: info for the gym

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    Default info for the gym

    Hello Steve I went to the site you have for What is Tourettes? My son is going to join a gym so that I can keep him busy as he is very restless at the moment and also to stay ahead of the weight gain that might come with the Prozac and the increase in Risperdal. When I talked to the fitness centre, the man that will be Glenn's personal trainer didn't know what Tourettes was. So is this the site you would recommend for me to print out and bring with me so this young man will know what it is and what to expect when my son does his habits.
    Thanks for your help

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    Default info for the gym

    Hi Rose

    It is great that this trainer is willing to read up on TS to help understand your son. The best resource that would be the quickest for you to obtain info and be able to print off info for him to read is the Q and A /what is TS

    Check this and you will see it links you to other articles about various aspects of TS. Good luck and let me know if this is what you were hoping for. There are other resources available from the TSFC that are handbooks but they are not printable.
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

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    Default info for the gym

    I think sometimes it's possible to give TOO much information!!!!

    Many parents find it helpful, before they print something out, to edit it a bit. For example, the link that Janet posted mentions things like ADHD, behavioral problems, and learning disabilities. If your son has, say, learning disabilities, but no behavioral problems or ADHD, it could confuse the gym instructor and he/she may have the wrong idea of just how to work with your son.

    So, my 2 cents would be to do a bit of cut-and-pasting to make sure that the gym instructor gets a good idea of just what to expect with YOUR son.

    (I think joining the gym is a great idea! I hope he enjoys it!)

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    Default info for the gym


    Sorry for a delayed response, but I was offline for a couple of weeks.

    Feel free to print out the Tourette overview document provided HERE

    IMO the information provided gives a comprehensive overview to someone wanting a thumbnail sketch of Tourette.

    The Q&A on the TSFC homepage is also a good resource for this purpose.

    Let us know the feedback you get on either of these and if these documents were suitable.


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    Default info for the gym

    Thats ok Steve, I got some excellent advice. My son is enjoying the gym and the personal trainer is wonderful with him. The club asked some questions and Glenn performed some his habits while we were there,so they got an idea of what to expect. The first time when he stood up and bent over to pull on a pair of pants( he has been doing this new lately), the instructor stopped talking and watched,. When my son was done and sat down again, I just said Oh that was just one of his habits. The man said "Really?". He said he would personally pick the trainer, a nice woman and my son says she asked some questions and told him to tell her when he needs to stop or take a break as she won't know when he needs this. So being up front about his TS was the right thing to do. But then being up front with the insurance company like another post mentioned is something to think about.
    Thanks all for the info

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    Default info for the gym


    I am glad to hear the gym is working out so well.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.

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