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Thread: Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking

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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking

    Recently I have had a tic that has been absolutely terrible. It nags constantly and feels like the urge is never satisfied. One night it was so bad at practice that I could not even see the whole court because my head wouldn't stay still and had to ask to go to the washroom(as my coaches do not know about my TS).

    The tic is jerking my head at all different angles on my neck, or stretching my neck to its absolute limit, or cracking my neck until it is done and still persisting and trying to crack it some more. The first one is the most common and it gives me the most terrible headaches.

    Does anyone have any experience with this or any advice? Because I am sick of having headaches and a really sore neck all the time.
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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking


    My son has this experience when stressed or just sometimes when he gets excited over something. I've also seen this start up when he is playing ball.

    We have not found a way to completely stop this from happening and the experience can push him over the edge emotionally because it stops him in his tracks.

    The headaches and neck pain can be to much to manage sometimes.

    I found some drops to relax him at the natural food store. They are harmless so I thought it was worth a try. They do relax him when he is to be more active and seem to help the motor tic from being as bad as it use to be. My daughter suggested them after she explained a friend of hers takes them before exams to relax her.

    I certainly can not promote a product for someone else, but possible speak to your Doctor and see if they have any concerns with you trying a natural supplement store like I did.

    Good luck and rest assure it will probably ease up on its own like any other tic that can happen. As I put it...they seem to evolve..

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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking

    You may or not feel comfortable wearing one in public, but I've known a couple of people who get relief by wearing a neck brace. Sometimes the feeling from the brace can satisfy the urge without having to do it as far, or as roughly. and they're cheap and usually available in drug stores, so it wouldn't be too much of a gamble.

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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking


    Thank you again for your concern. Those drops sound like they could be good...I won't be asking my doctor however, because he does not actually know of my TS since I have not been in to see him since I found out, and since so far it has not really affected me too much, I haven't seen the need to tell him. Those drops do sound good though!


    Thank you very much for your idea with the neck brace. My parents would never allow me to wear a neck brace because they would think I was being a hypochondriac or something of the sort, because I do not tell them about my TS and so they do no know that it bothers me. They would think that I was overexaggerating. I do however have a scarf tied around my neck tightly this very moment, and it is providing a lot of relief--although it is a little itchy!
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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking

    Sorry to read it's itchy, but glad it's helping! :D

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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking


    This has been my most annoying tic I have ever experienced. My tics go in cycles (which is normal) and this tic has come around about 3-4 times. I unfortunately dont have a good answer as how to control this tic. All I know is the more stress or excited you are, the more this tic seems to come out. If it gets bad, and you are in a place where you can "relax"(lying down, I know you cant really do this at basketball) and try to calm your thoughts. If you are in a situation where you cant just stop everything and lie down, try your best to relax internally, but this is the best I can say on it. I will say, due to how major the tic is, you are very eager to rid yourself of this tic and you will eventually find ways to calm it.

    As far the headaches go, with exception to a really bad outburst, these also will subside most likely as your head and neck "get used to ticing". I know it sounds crazy but I always will get headaches from this tic for the first week or two and than my head and neck will adjust to the new tic. Maybe keep a bottle of asprin (or whatever you use for headaches) handy but of course be careful with it like any other med, dont abuse it no matter how bad the headache.

    Sorry I may not have been a good help, maybe just letting you know others have this tic and if I find any new "breakthroughs" that I try and work to relieve this tic, I will post them.
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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking

    Thanks Adam, you were right--the headaches did subside as my body got used to the jerking motions. I also found that slouching down in my chair or on my couch so that my neck can rest on the back of the seat helps a lot, because it relaxes my neck almost as if it is no longer needed for support so it can calm itself down. Thanks for your help!
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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking

    Hi Steph
    I understand how you feel, my neck "jerking"and shoulder rolling are my worst tice or at least the most painful and damaging. I too have constant headaches because my neck keeps pitching forward really fast (it sort of looks like I'm nodding yes) but really fast and about 5 times in succession. I really hate this tic because it hurts and it's also very very noticeable. I've begun seeing a massage therapist and chiropractor to try and fix the problems this tics have caused, it seems to be helping a bit, I just started going in January of this year. I also feel the need to strech my neck by looking up at the ceiling until I feel a pull in my muscle. ?t's pretty strange to say the least but all part of this very odd disorder I guess. If you have time, you should go see a massage therapist it will at least help relax the muscles and reduce the amount of headaches you get.

    See ya


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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking

    Actually Kim,

    Seeing a message therapist for headaches is a great idea!!

    My son just stated getting them and I am still unsure how best to treat them.

    My healthcare coverage will cover him to have some treatments.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Steph

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    Default Headaches Caused By Neck Jerking

    Im sorry Steph.....I have a tic like that. Not that often but when I do its like a serious b/c its never satisfying and it hurts. I put a warm hot pad on it and which ever way i was jerking i lean my head the other way to even it out. I know it sucks hopefully it will pass soon. Good Luck!! Take care

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