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Thread: Tic Upsurges???

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    Default Tic Upsurges???

    My oldest son is just turning 12, in the last week some very scary things have happened, I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experience themselves or with their kids...? I have spoken with Dr. Rodger Freeman only over the phone, he has never seen my son, he says that it sounds like something called Tic Up-surges... all I know is they all starting to scary my son and create even more stress and anxiety, which of cource makes it all worse. This is what happens, He starts by clearing his throat very loudly and rapidly, and having some trouble breathing. He has been able to stop it in the past by having a cold shower and sort of shocking himself, it has only happened a couple of times before and lasted about 10min. This time he had a shower and it didn't help, he started to hyperventilate, and was clearing his throat very loudly, he then started to scream and growl, he was laying on the bed and started having like convultions. He couldn't breath and was screaming continualy. I had to call an ambulance. He stayed home from school the next day, it hppened the first time on Mon. he stayed home Tue. whent to school Wen. it happened again Wen. night, we had a Zyprexa left over from the hospital so we gave him that, he stayed home on Thurs. it happened again on Thurs. night we just had to ride it out lasted mabye 20min. it hasen't happened since. He is now taking Zyprexa. I am not getting much help from the Dr.'s, and the other 2 with TS are watching this terrifyed, and their Tic's are out of control. Does anyone know anything about what I am going through whith my son? He is scared of himself, I feel so bad for him that Ican't at least give him some answers.
    Desperate Mum...

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    Default Tic Upsurges???


    Welcome to the TSFC Forum! As you probably know stress and increased anxiety tends to exacerbate tic activity.

    In anxiety disorders, physicians describe a sort of feedback phenomenon where a persons anxiety level increases because they are fearful or anxious about becoming anxious.

    People who suffer from this type of anxiety often experience panic attacks.

    Did your conversation with Dr. Freeman provide any insights into how this expression of your son's tics might be treated? Is there a plan to have your son evaluated in light of these developments?

    If your son is hyperventilating, it may help to have him breathe into a paper bag, which returns carbon diode into the lungs and settles the hyperventilation. Check with your doctor to ensure this technique is appropriate for your son.

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    Default Tic Upsurges

    No talking with Dr.Freeman did not provide to much insight as to what is going on, only to say that he should be put on one of the anti-phsyhotic med'z like Haldol, or the one that he has been put on. No the TS Clinic at Children's in Vancouver is not going to see him and assess where he is at at this time in his life. I am very frustrated, I live in as small town an hour from the city, we have to wait till the first Friday of the month for the shrink to come back to town. And no one seems to want to put to much effort into finding out what is going on with him, he is now home from school again...I am on the verge on lossing it

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    Default Tic Upsurges???

    What you are describing my son can experience. Thankfully we only went through a phase during some stressful times but when anxiety raises it can happen.

    Mine even grabs his throat and he appears to be suffocating. The process is very draining for him and very frightening to us.

    At one time the care givers thought he had asthma and gave him an inhaler. It does seem to help but after what his sister has gone through with steroids with her asthma I don't prefer that option.

    My son is going on 13 in July. He as ADHD, Anxiety, TS & PTSD. He was once thought to have ODD, but now they are ruling that out and blaming his previous environment.

    I have tried using a paper bag to breath in, had him raise his arms up while he sits, even been on the floor with him during these attacks. I also try to get him to hold his breath and breath out slow while I count to 10. That works know that he does not panic as much over the experience.

    I really wonder if age has anything to do with it. I see his TS changing and his tolerance changing. He is learning problems resolution skills and this is helping him manage his emotions better.

    My son takes medication for his anxiety and there should be more then one option out there to help you. I hope your Doctor can offer some assistance.

    Please keep us posted on this and monitor when it happens and try to determine if anything triggered it.

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    Default Tic Upsurges???


    Does your son have a pediatrician or family physician you can consult?

    What's it like to get a consultation with a neurologist in your area or is your son already being seen by a psychiatrist?

    There may be a good reason why Haldol was suggested, but you may want to discuss the use of other medications before using Haldol which causes difficult side effects in some people.

    The medical system can be very frustrating, so taking it one step at a time may be less overwhelming.

    Have you made contact with the local support group in Vancouver?

    Click Here for contact information

    The local support group may be able to point you toward someone who can help.

    After that consider using your family physician as a resource to refer you.

    Let us know if these suggestions can help, and then we can investigate other options.


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    Default Thank you

    Thanx to all of you who have replied...yes we have a psychiatrist, and a developmental pediatrition. Yes there does see to be a link to Anxiety and what is happening. NO I do not want to put him on Haldol un-less it is my VERY LAST resort. And yes I do think that age could have something to do with it, puberty and all, he is also learning to suppres his tic's at school more, so he could be having more of a rebound affect when he comes home. Yes I have bee in touch with my local chapter. Thank you all for your input and support it is nice to know that there are ppl out there who GET IT.


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