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Thread: Hi, from Ottawa

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    Default Hi, from Ottawa

    Just wanted to say a Hi to everyone on this board. I am new to these posts and find it interesting to be able to relate with people and help others through life with TS.

    I was diagnosed with Tourettes about 5 years ago at the age of 30. Having grown up with tics and other verbal blurbs for as long as I can remember, I can relate to many post in this forum. I remember when I was young, I was only told that I was nervous, ate too much chocolate or coffee. Essentially I was told to just relax. I know well the feeling of wanting to be isolated so that nobody could see me twitch. I knew back then that I was different, but did not know what is was. I tough it was just a phase that I would grow out of. Not knowing caused me great relationship problems. I could be friends only, but not intimate because if we spent more time together, she would eventually know that I am a (Freak). I mention a Freak as this is how I saw myself not knowing what I had.

    I now have a wonderful wife, a three year old boy and a daughter on the way this March. So I have much to look forward now. My three year old son is having some arm shrugging movement that I do. This is scary because he is only three. I hope he is only mimicking my movements.

    I'm looking forward to get to know many of you and pass along my experience in living with Tourettes. I find in general that people who have grown up with Tourettes are people with Patience and great acceptance towards people that are different. In my opinion, people with Tourettes have great hearts. At least this is what living with Tourettes have taught us.



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    Default Hi, from Ottawa

    Hi Marc.... welcome to the board... although I did already say welcome in another thread of yours.... I think it's in the Adult TS section.

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    Default Hi, from Ottawa


    I am glad you found us and am sure you will be able to provide much to this forum with your experiences and sharing.

    You are right about being compassionate and have patience. That is one attribute that can be found in someone with TS. So many people with TS are not treated properly themselves or misunderstood growing up, I think this is one of the reasons. I see this attribute in my son and it is amazing how he can be so good to others after the way he has been treated.

    Having concerns about having children with TS is on another thread on this forum but it was said today during an in-service that "a parent with TS, raising a child with TS is the best suited for the job."

    Three year olds do copy what others do, but you can monitor and see how it goes. My son experienced his first tics at age 3 1/2.

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    Default Hi, from Ottawa

    Welcome Marc

    I too am glad you surfed and found us this week. We provide support on this BB that has proved to be a great relief, eye-opener and outlet for so many. I too am an adult with TS plus and to date two of my oldest boys are diagnosed with TS plus and the other two are being assessed ... I pay attention to their every move and sound. Yikes! kind of difficult not to when TS seems to be so prevalent in my immediate family.

    Having concerns about having children with TS is on another thread on this forum but it was said today during an in-service that "a parent with TS, raising a child with TS is the best suited for the job."
    I have to agree. This statement is very true from my perspective and from other parents I know who live with TS. As a parent with TS you automatically come equipped with empathy and it makes it easier to not go the sympathy route. There is a level of understanding because you can relate that definitely makes it easier to educate and teach your child to advocate for him or herself.
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

    "Intelligence is always increasing; accommodation allows your intelligence to do what it has always done." Cassie Green, Washington College

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    Default Hi, from Ottawa

    Hello Marc and welcome to the TSFC Forum!

    Glad you found us and hope you will make it a regular stop in your online activities.

    Be sure to check out the Ottawa Chapter of TSFC which has a monthly meeting. Info on the Chapter website.

    There is an active support system in Ottawa, and your experience would be a valuable asset to the activities there.


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    Default Hi, from Ottawa

    Thanks everyone, I am sure that having TS will help me if my son has it as well. I will be better equipped to deal with it and to help him more than anyone else. I think its more my being afraid for him actually having it, than the fear of having to deal with it if he does. Because no matter what happens, I will be by his side. At least the new Generation of TS will have a name and not just theories.


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