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    HI not sure how things work here but I would like to say hello im shaky from england
    life is getting better

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    Welcome to the TSFC forum!

    Glad you found us. We have people from many locations on this forum.

    If you need some help learning to navigate through the forum please let us know. You are welcome to post responses to topics already on the forum and you are welcome to ask questions and offer experiences you have had to help others too. You can also create your own topic for others to reply too.

    Do you or someone in your family have TS?

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    Hello and welcome shaky.

    As PJK said before, feel free to post any questions you have or leave any insight or comments to other posts. We are all here to help each other out so no question is wrong. Glad to see you on board! :D
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    thank you and my god yeeeeesssssss I do have ts
    life is getting better

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    Ottawa, Canada

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    Hello Shaky and welcome to the TSFC Forum. Thanks for jumping in and we hope you make the TSFC Forum part of your regular online activities.

    Feel free to participate in any ongoing discussion or start as many of your own as you wish.

    Have a look at Forum Usage and Tips and if you need help with Forum navigation, let us know how we can help.

    Enjoy the TSFC Forum!

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    Welcome Shaky!

    I'm glad you found us. Continue to read and post whenever and where ever you feel your thoughts should be heard We have a lot of really great people here who are ready and willing to share their experiences with living with TS. Hope you make this a regular place to stop.
    Janet, mom of 4

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