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Thread: Good News

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    Default Good News

    Hi, I know this is not TS related but I wanted to share my good news. I just found out that I am getting a full scholarship for school! I am so happy that I ran around the house yesterday yelling yahoo. Steph :D

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    Default Good News

    Hey Steph!

    Congratulations on your scholarship. It's wonderful news.

    BTW this section of the Forum we call "Across the Fence" is for exactly this kind of chatter...among friends, on non Tourette topics.

    We're flattered you consider us among your friends to have shared your good news. :D :D



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    Default Good News

    Steph Congrads!

    Will you be starting in the fall under the scholarship? I am so happy for you. :D

    Glad you shared

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    Default Good News

    Hi, The scholarship actually started last September but they just got around to telling me. They apologised for the delay but I told them that it was ok. I still can't express how thrilled I am with this.

    BTW sorry Steve.


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    Default Good News


    There is no need for any apology. It takes a while to figure out Forum navigation, plus when a posting is found to fit better in another message section, the Forum moderators go ahead and move it....this of course contributes to our full employment! :P :lol: :lol:

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    Default Good News

    Congrats steph!!!! :D Being in school, you quickly find out how much a scholarship helps but also builds a sense of pride. :D
    The other day at a local grocery store, I saw a rack with books on it and one of them said, "pregancy for dummies"............

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    Default Good News

    WOW! Steph I am thrilled for you. This is great so you'll get the funding to compensate you for money you thought was spent and gone, that is a bonus!

    Well done! :D
    Janet, mom of 4

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