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Thread: Hand clenching 2 year old

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    Default Hand clenching 2 year old

    My daughter turned two in January, and about that time she developed what seems to be a tic. She clinches her fingertips together or she rubs her left thumb into her right palm and fingers. She changes what she does, but most consistently does the finger bit. She also puts so much pressure into it she tenses and relaxes when she's finished. It seems like an urge or an "itch" she must scratch, and she could stop herself, but seems like she needs to do it eventually to resolve it. They seem to flare up at night, but does not do it in her sleep. Besides the tic she's normal.

    Is this something that may be related to a developmental stage? What do you think? Who should we go to to verify what's happening.


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    Default Hand clenching 2 year old


    The common age for TS onset I belive is 5-6 years old but definately if you feel the need to have you daughter checked on this to see why she is doing these actions, I would recommend a neurologist in your area. Unfortunately TS is not a "common" understanding even in the medical field so you want to make sure the doctor who is doing the exam is qualified in TS and other nuerological disorders.

    Maybe someone else may have a better idea of the cause but the common age is usually around 5-6 and most children do form habits that they eventually "grow out of". But if you feel the need to see a doctor on this, I would recommend a neurologist over a "common physician".
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    Default Hand clenching 2 year old

    Hello Ella! Welcome to the TSFC Forum...we're glad you found us.

    As Adam has stated, it might be premature to suspect Tourette at two years old, but you would want to keep an eye on your child's behaviors.

    For your information, the criteria used by physicians to diagnose Tourette can be seen [ur=]HERE[/url]

    You would certainly want to report this behaviour to your Pediatrician and explain your concerns about the potential for tic disorder.

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