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    My son has tics with his hands.

    Even when I am holding his hands ie. crossing the street, he will do this tic.

    I remember reading in one post that if a movement was a tic then it would likely just show up on one side of the body.

    However if the tic is on both sides of the body, then it is likely a mix of tics and OCD.

    I can't find the post again but is that the way tics are looked at? Steph

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    Default Hands

    Yes it is, thanks Steve!

    I still don't know the difference.

    Do people tic because of an urge or OCD? Or is both? Steph

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    It is usually a involuntary response to a message from the brain. They do not want to do it and at some ages without learning management skills and redirection they are forced too.

    Easiest way to explain is when you reach for a cup. You told your brain to move your arm and hand to do this. When someone has a motor tic, the brain tells the limbs to respond like a scratched record and just keeps doing it.

    My son has a lot of motor tics, one looks like when the Dr taps your knee cap for a reflex response. They can drive him to the edge sometimes.

    He has one with his hand too and no matter what he is doing or if I am holding it he still does it. Sometimes he will extend his arm and shake his hand to make it stop. It does not always help.

    He can also respond to my holding his hand with his sensory issues so when I do this I hold it very lightly and never clamp down like you would with another child as we cross the street. His hand will tremble if I do not handle it right and then it is like a tic that will not go away.

    The OCD I can not respond too since I know people with OCD but do not know the mechanics of the disorder. There motion is much smoother then my son's.

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    My son claps! And its extremely LOUD. I have never met anyone who can clap as loud as my son.

    He is also a punisher. If something or someone touches him, he has to touch them back to punish it, regardless if he is hurting it or not, he has to touch it if it touched him.

    Its very hard to be in a large crowd of people because if someone brushes against him, he will either grab them or hit them or touch them in some way. Some people get very angry, but I think some people can figure it out. I really wish more people were educated in Tourettes because of reasons like this.

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    Not sure if your son has any sensory issues, but I read somewhere that children who cant handle light touch will view it as a threat and respond as such. (going to have to find where I read that), I believe this is the case in my son. If anyone touches him slightly, he gets very stiff and reacts with much anger and attacks. Even as a toddler you couldnt just grab him and hug him as most grandmas do. He would get very upset.

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