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Thread: Sudden Anxiety

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    Default Sudden Anxiety

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this posting, so feel free to move it if it would fit better somewhere else!

    I am wondering if anyone else has sudden feelings of anxiety. I will have sudden, almost panic attacks, but not too severe. I just feel suddenly very nervous and stressed and have a hard time concentrating on anything until I am calmed down. It's very annoying to have to calm myself down especially because there isn't anything that I'm upset over, it will just happen randomly. I do usually get myself calmed down anyways, but I am just wondering if anyone else has this problem, and if so what their ways of coping with it are. I need faster ways to calm myself down besides just taking deep breaths because that tends to take awhile. If anyone else experiences this or has ways to help, please let me know! Thanks!
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    Default Sudden Anxiety


    Could stress be setting it off?

    I always have a underlining reason for mine, like not enough sleep, deadlines, not eating right.
    Although none of the things I listed seem like a big deal they are when my body or mind just can't cope anymore. I consider mine signals to change my pace.

    Have you talked to your Doctor about them recently?

    Could it be related to a medication or an over the counter med?

    I can not take cold med's for this reason. I only use prescriptions.

    I do yoga and it helps me get through the day easier. The morning gives me energy and the evening relaxes me. I also drink a lot of water and do not drink carbonated sodas anymore.

    I'd keep a journal for a week and record how you feel and when. What you did before and after.
    I know you do not see a relationship with the attack and your activity but something could be setting it off. I hope you will speak to your Doctor.

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    Default Sudden Anxiety

    Hi PJK

    I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, but things have been crazy around here. Thank you so much for replying to me. You were right, I was stressed out. I didn't feel stressed out, and there was really nothing big that I could pick out that would be stressing me out, but the anxiety attacks continued and happened a bit more often until one day I just had an enormous one. It was over something little like finding out I had a huge chemistry test coming up, but suddenly everything just hit me at once and I was so overcome with panic and anxiety and helplessness that I was physically sick. It lasted about 3 or 4 days, and then I felt a lot better, and the anxiety attacks have been slowly decreasing until they don't happen nearly as often or as badly right now.

    I wish I had time to do yoga because it sounds like it helps and I'm sure that I would enjoy it as well, but unfortunately I'm just too busy all the time. I did not speak to my doctor about them because he does not know about my TS as I haven't needed to see him since I found out, but since they are diminishing I don't think I will need to tell him as it is no longer too big of an issue. Thanks again, and sorry I didn't get back to you until now!
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    Default Sudden Anxiety

    Hi Steph,

    Your health is something that you can't take for granted. And I know that you are busy however, making time to do yoga or other coping and relaxing mechanisms are vital.

    An anxiety attack is not something that can be dismissed and unless you find better ways to cope with your life stressors, then it will return.

    IMO please tell your doctor about your anxiety attack and TS. Let him help you! If you feel that he won't help you then possible you can switch doctors.

    Steph, you need some help. Hiding your TS from your parents must be very stressful. Remember there is no one who loves you more than your parents.

    Please consider how much happier your life would be with some help.

    Keep us posted because no matter what you decide, we want to hear from you. Steph

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    Default Sudden Anxiety

    Dont be afraid to ask for help!! :D Of course im here too....but ya kno I hav no degree or anything. I suggest you get help too....its hard. Might be a mistake but ti is sooooo worth taken. Take care of yourself....

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    Default Sudden Anxiety

    I'm a very independant person, and I don't really ask for help very often. I don't like talking to my doctor about anything because nothing can be done really since I will not go on meds, and I am not really close enough with my parents to talk to them about it. I did tell a close friend and we've talked it through, but I handle these things best on my own. I know that they will always return, and I had two today for no apparent reason, but they were small and not too significant.

    It's just the kind of person I am--one who doesn't ask for help often, and one who handles things on her own. Don't worry about me, I can handle myself and I've got a great group of friends who are awesome support. Thanks for being concerned though!
    ~be a miracle~

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