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Thread: Pyramid test: tic club in Whitby

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    Default Pyramid test: tic club in Whitby

    Hello everyone. I am trying to get caught up in some questions I have and now can't find the original posts. Did anyone find out what a pyramid test is and did the mom find out her results. I think she was supposed to go around March 15, not sure.
    Also I read a post about some tic club in Whitby, as I live in Whitby and have never heard of this and none of my doctors even mentioned it so I am curious. This post was in the last day or two.
    Thanks Rose

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    Default Pyramid test: tic club in Whitby

    Hello Rose,

    I have not seen a update to this posting.

    Lets hope Jams returns to the Forum to bering us up to date. None of my own resources have been able to identify the test in question.

    One suggestion was it might have something to do with pyramidal cells in the brain which control voluntary movement.

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