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    Default Restart

    My son walked into the living room this morning and his clothes didn't match so I told him that he would have to go change either his shirt or his pants.

    My son went to his room and was gone about 20 minutes and I asked him what took him so long.

    He told me that he had to "restart". He went to his room took off his clothes, put back on his P.J., then got back in bed for a while, then got out of bed, put on new clothes, and then walked back out into the living room.

    I said its nice to meet you OCD. :roll:

    It was a quite an eventful day. Any suggestions. Steph

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    Default Restart


    That is funny. I go through this with my boys especially one of my twins... he often tells me I need to re-wind. Sometimes I have refused and it has led to a major storm. When my twin boys had their 4th b/day my second oldest was really upset over how things played out at the party ie the routine didn't go the way he expected so the storm hit and we had to "backup " the party and reply again... You are so right. Hi OCD.

    Thanks for sharing because when I read your post I started to laugh because it happens so often here.
    Janet, mom of 4

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    Default Restart


    I've been there too with my son. I am not sure how much is the + side of the TS and how much is just being a boy.

    I learned to buy just about everything mix/match. This way if he needs to pull clothes out I don't have to be concerned.

    I tried pulling clothes the night before but then he would change his mind the next morning then not be able to decide.

    Basically, he wardrobe includes all the primary colours and a few extra shades that will always go well with blue jeans.

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    Default Restart

    Most things he has can mix and match except for his red sweat pants.

    The pants and I are at odds with each other because they don't match anything and they are the uglist pants I have ever seen.

    I can't throw them out because I am sure my son would go through the garbage to get them. lol

    I definitely think that rewinding the routine was tourette syndrome plus - OCD. Steph


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