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Thread: Ticing Infront of your Parents??

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??

    This might seem weird but I really feel uncomfortable ticing infront of my parents!! Do you guys? I think its because my parents get worried and freaked out they really just dont understand it. Its like parental chill pill 911! So how do your guyses parents deal with it? My mom seems to look @ me like Im a problem that needs some major fixin and must get out the tool kit and get crackin immediatly on it..and my dad is just so caring its like creepy, I dunno I jus wanted to here your guys expirence w/ this.

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??


    I understand that one might feel uncomfortable to let your tics be seen by others. When I was a kid ( a very long time ago) :P :D , Tourette was not widely understood, and there were no information or support groups.

    My parents were not very understanding because they did not know Tourette was involuntary and that I could not control the tics.

    Have your parents been involved in your diagnosis? Have they been with you when Tourette was discussed with your doctor?

    You may wish to invite your parents to visit our Forum, where we would be pleased to answer their questions and help with some insights.

    The key is to communicate information with those closest to us about our Tourette so they understand the disorder is involuntary.

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??


    I totally understand what you're talking about. I am not comfortable ticcing in front of anyone, not even my family. My sisters don't understand, and my parents would rather ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist, or they somehow think that I'm doing it on purpose for attention or something, even though I'm obviously not. They don't say anything, but it's just a general feeling that I get from them. Whatever though, I don't let it bother me. I just try and suppress my tics until I'm alone or no one can see me. But I totally understand what you mean.
    ~be a miracle~

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??

    just give your parents time to learn more about your tics, they should be very supportive of you. Take steve's advice and have them learn as much as they can about tourette. It might seem awkward at first but talk to them about your tics, so they know what it's like for you to have them.
    My parents have become accustomed to my tics because they were willing to look into the disorder and see what TS is like. My dad and two brothers have TS too, so if your mom thinks that one person ticing is wierd, have her think about what it's like to live with 4 people with tourette(I guarantee there is never a dull moment). If you have any questions or just want to talk email me and i'll get back to you.

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??

    lol...thanx guys

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??

    Here on the Tourette Syndrome forum we want to help everyone live their lives to the best of their ability.

    Teens who are saying that they are not comfortable talking about their tics or letting their tics out in front of their parents is a concern because support at every age is vital in managing this syndrome.

    Family education is necessary regarding the effects of tic supression and the anxiety it causes. There are local support groups all across Canada.

    The TSFC has available some excellent articles to read and get a copy of the FAQ's .

    Feel free to download and print this PDF document, which is not copyrighted.

    Everyone should consult a competent physician about their Tourette or anxiety.

    Access to health services such as in a university setting, everyone is seen confidentially, and university health services usually include mental health support.

    Please don't face this alone, seek help from your family and your doctor. Steph

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??

    Thanxs Steph. Im actually frm California im in the east bay san fransisco area. I wish canada but w/e. Im looking for a support group aorund here good idea!

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??


    Here is the support groups for the Tourette Syndrome foundation in the United States.

    Give them a call, I am sure they would love to have you join their group. Steph

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??

    Thank you Steph!

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    Default Ticing Infront of your Parents??

    hey alley I am new to this site but I totally know how you feel before we knew I had tourettes my parents would always tell me to stop and it would frustrate my because I would say you don't understand but now that we know it is not a problem have you been seeing a psycholigist that has helped me anyways hope it gets better for you

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