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Thread: Freedom

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    I finished my last exam this morning!!!

    So I have some freedom but for only a week and a half, then I start preceptorship.

    Preceptorship is when I am just like a nurse of the floor with a mentor to guide me in this very stressful career.

    However, I am looking forward to this next step. Steph

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    Congratulations! Sounds like you are going to have fun in your new position.

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    Fantastic Steph and congratulations. It is obvious you are very dedicated to your chosen profession and will make an excellent nurse.

    In the few times family or friends (even me following my unfortunate accident) had to spend time in hopsital, we always appreciated and admired the hard work the men and women in the nursing profession do.

    Applause :!: :!: :D

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    I am sure it will work out well for you... :D

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    Congratulations Steph! That's awesome! It must be such a relief to be done your exams! Be sure to enjoy your week off and good luck when beginning your preceptorship!
    ~be a miracle~

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    :D Way teh go!!!
    Rooting 4 u to whatever more is to come!

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    Hi Steph

    Sorry I missed this posting when you shared this great update. Wonderful news and I bet you are excited about moving into this new phase. Is this the last of your training? What floor or area will you be working in?

    Big Bouquet sent your way. Congrats!! :D
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

    "Intelligence is always increasing; accommodation allows your intelligence to do what it has always done." Cassie Green, Washington College

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    Thank you all!

    I will do preceptorship for 8 weeks and I am working on medicine.

    Medicine covers COPD patients, cancer patients, heart attacks and renal dialysis patients among others.

    This is an area that I really wanted to go, then I am off school for 2 months.

    I will do a full year next year and then I am finished (hopefully)!

    It takes a long time to become a nurse and hopefully I can get a permanent job when I am finished. Steph

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    Congrats on finishing your exams Steph. Hope you have a good week off before you start your perceptorship. After you finish next year I'm sure you'll find a job pretty fast, I hear there is a big demand for nursing, I have a few friends taking nursing as well. If you have trouble finding work, Northern Ontario has a huge shortage of nurses and doctors!!!


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    I know it's a bit late, but Congratulations!!!!


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