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    Hi, my name is Michael, I am 18 years old and I was diagnosed with TS when i was 16 1/2. It was difficult for me to deal with in the first place, cause I had alot of habits of doing things that i didnt know about. So then i began to go see Dr Michelle Pearce in toronto, I did tend to worry about things alot, but now I have support from those around me to help and learn to deal with it and myself. At first alot of people (like family and friends) didnt understand why i was always making noises like clearing my throat or coughing.

    My mom couldn't even understand why i was always doing these things and had a hard time dealing with it, but she is starting to understand now what Im going through all though i know that my tics and movements still bother her alot. But the staff at the school where i attend are very suppotive and are always there for me. The resource teacher and my youth worker hve been very helpful throughg out this situation as well. At times, some of my relatives would imitate me thinking that what I have is a joke because they dont know what it feels like to like to go through this. I dont have this severly, its just the motor and vocal tics is what I have and I am not taking any meds for these tics cause there are alot of side effects.

    I just hope that one day, i will outgrow this and that some of these problems will go away because i have big plans for myself in the future and i want to be able to get them for myself.

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    Hello Michael and welcome to the TSFC Forum. Most people who are diagnosed with Tourette require time and support to adjust and come to terms with the new found knowledge.

    If your parents are confused by Tourette and its implications, you may wish to invite them to one of the support meetings by your local chapter

    In addition you may wish to review the information on the homepage of the TSFC, use the link under my signature.

    Another option to inform family and friends is to download the document What is Tourette Syndrome

    You can print this document and share the information with those whom you think might benefit from an overview of Tourette.

    I just hope that one day, i will outgrow this and that some of these problems
    Tourette tics and behaviours wax and wane through time, so your Tourette may not express itself the same way in five years as it does today.

    Some people learn how to suppress tics temporarily, which helps get through certain situations where one's tics might be distracting.

    Don't count on complete remission, though in some people the manifestations of Tourette diminish with aging, but not always.

    Your best strategy is to develop ways to deal with your Tourette so that you can enjoy life along with your special circumstances.

    Feel free to join in any ongoing discussion or start one of your own.

    Hope you make the TSFC Forum part of your regular online activities.

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    Welcome Michael

    I am so glad you discovered our forum. You'll meet many people here who are willing to share their stories and strategies. I hope you make this a regular place to visit. Over time the acceptance will come, it is often difficult for parents to understand but if you could get your mom to read and get more info then the understanding will come.

    If you contact your local TSFC chapter, they will provide you with lots of resources
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

    "Intelligence is always increasing; accommodation allows your intelligence to do what it has always done." Cassie Green, Washington College

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    Hi Michael,

    Welcome to the TSFC forum, we are happy that you found us.

    I did tend to worry about things alot
    Alot of people with Tourette Syndrome have a higher baseline anxiety than other people. Therefore, it doesn't take much stress to be overwhelmed.

    Keep us posted and remember that we are always here to help. Steph

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    Welcome Welcome. If you ever want someone to talk to you can PM me.
    See ya around on the boards!

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    Welcome Michael! I'm 17 years old, and I also found out about my TS when I was 16 1/2. I'm still struggling with coping with it even though there has been time since I found out, and I also hope that it will eventually lessen (since I know it won't go away) to make my life and future easier. Feel free to post anything anywhere!
    ~be a miracle~

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    Welcome Michael and I am glad you found us.

    It sounds like you have a great support network at school and this is wonderful.

    It is common for family members to have a difficult time understanding or accepting a diagnosis. Sometimes if feels like the one that was diagnosed ends up being the supporter.

    In time you can invite your mother to experience our forum for herself and she will see that she is no different then any of us.

    It is also common for others to mock something they do not understand or are even afraid of. My son has experienced this too from family member within his age group. I've passed information out to the parents so they can explain more about TS to the teenagers. My son has become more confident about himself now and he ignores it more then I do.

    One thing you need to understand about TS. Having TS is not a life sentence. You can and will do great things with your life and living with TS you are already successful in life.
    Once you are more comfortable about the entire process you will find when you are doing something you truly have a passion for some the tics can be set aside while you create. It is hard to explain but please don't ever fear that you can not be what you want or can not be apart of the field you'd like to be in. There are professionals with TS that are very successful in life. Teachers, Professors, Doctors, Lawyers. Anything in life is possible if you set your mind to it Michael.

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    Hola!! :D

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