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    I am from England and I have a son Marrk aged 21 who has severe tourettes. Just wondered has anyone tried Sativex?
    Mark uses cannabis as it helps his tics and Sativex is a medication with cannabis in it.


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    Default Sativex


    Welcome to the TSFC Forum! Glad you found us.

    We have not seen any reports to date on the TSFC Forum on the use of Sativex in treating Tourette tics.

    GW pharmaceuticals is developing a portfolio of cannabis medicines the first of which, ?Sativex??, received an Approval with Conditions from Health Canada in April 2005 for use as an adjunctive treatment for the symptom relief of neuropathic pain in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Sativex? was launched in Canada in June 2005.
    The Canadian Health Protection Branch has given limited approval for the use of Sativex Click Here for Details

    Are there studies of reports of Sativex having been used with success in people with Tourette?

    Though the warning about use in children would not apply in the case of your son, I've included the statement for the benefit of those following the discussion.

    Paediatrics ( < 18 years of age): The safety and efficacy of SATIVEX? have not been established in adolescents or children under 18 years of age, therefore SATIVEX? should not be used in adolescents or children.
    What other treatments has Mark tried?

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