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Thread: Contracting

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    I have tics were my figures go stiff and spread out almost like stretching also I lock my arms and they go stff...Rather tiring actually. Anyone else have contracting tics like these?

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    Default Contracting

    yeah, I've got lots of tics where I just tighten and/or stretch my muscles.. especially fingers, forearmes, calves, and neck. the neck one is the one I do't like, sometimes I tense and stretch at the same time and then it feels like I may have torn a bit of tissue. Ouch!

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    Default Contracting

    This happens to my son and it can really cause some frustration for him since he is unable to get it to calm down when he wants it too.

    He used to bang them on a table thinking it would stop but now deals with it better.

    Thanks for adding this to the list of might help others..

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    Default Contracting

    I do the same thing alot with my legs. I almost have to stretch it until my knee hurts.
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