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Thread: baby talk

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    Default baby talk

    Can anyone tell me if excessive baby talk is a symptom or offshoot of Tourettes??

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    Default baby talk

    Hi Chris!

    How old is the child/person and how would you describe the baby talk.

    Has a diagnosis been made for Tourette?

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    Default baby talk

    He is almost 12 and yes is diagnosed with what the doctor calls a 'mild case' that only includes tics. He's an A - B student, very outgoing, athletic and mature in some ways, but falls into fake laughing outbusts and consistant baby talk and occasional lisping. While being fully capable of speaking and acting 'normal' most of the time.

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    Default baby talk

    Vocal tics take on some unusual forms, which seem to test the limits of one's vocal abilities. So one might shriek at the highest frequency possible, or grunt at the lowest frequency possible.

    Other forms of voal tics might include peculiar speech patterns one might have heard, or certain phrases or strings of words containing strings of vowels or consonents.

    Ask you son about his tics and have him describe whay he's doing what hes's doing. By remaining no judgemental and allowing him to describe his tics without feeling embarrased will go a long way to establish a trust bond between you.

    Let us know the outcome.

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    Default baby talk

    Thank you, we have done this. He can't tell me if the talk is TS related or not, he can with the tics but for this he simply says "I don't know why I do it".

    All I'm really trying to find out is if anyone out there has ever heard if baby talk is related to TS or just one of those kid habits that he'll grow out of.

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    Default baby talk

    Hi Chris:

    It's interesting that you brought up the "baby talk" issue...I, too, have been wondering the same for a little while.

    My son is 5, and has not yet been diagnosed with TS, though we have our final appt. at Toronto Western in July at which time he probably will be diagnosed. At this time he has no symptoms of associated behaviours -- only mild tics.

    Back in September, he started speaking in "baby talk". Though he is quite a bit younger than your son, he is quite mature for his age, and up until that time, had not spoken in baby talk since, well, he was a baby! At first, I thought it may be a symptom of TS. However, upon getting to know some of his classmates, I decided that he was imitating one of the friends in his class -- this child has a speech impediment, and when he talks, he sounds like a baby.

    Could I have been wrong? Maybe... I find that my son mostly speaks this way when he is feeling insecure about something, so I'm not sure if it is an offshoot of TS.

    Hope that helps -- just wanted to let you know of my experience with this.


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    Default baby talk

    Hi Sandra,

    My son will imitate me sometimes. I have a cough that started about 2 months ago and I just can't shake it.

    My son will sometimes start coughing just like me, especially when we are supposed to be quiet (like church). When I am supposed to be quiet and I absolutely have to cough, this is when I sympathize with people with TS.

    Or maybe this is his way to redirect his tics?

    The imitating is called echolalia which is repeating words and phrases.

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    Default baby talk

    Hi Stephanie,

    I don't think my son has echolalia, as he doesn't show any symptoms of this otherwise. I think he was just imitating the boy in his class just as any other "normal" child would have. The only thing I question is when it comes up, which usually is at his most insecure times.

    Thanks for your input.


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    Default baby talk

    I also have 10yr. old who goes in and out of baby talk. It seems to coinside with stress levels or excitment levels. He is also a shreeker and whinner, but the baby talk is very annoying. He has done this for as long as I can remmember. I am pretty much convinced that it is an off shoot of his TS+Plus. I don't know if this helps you or not but we do have the same problem.

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    Default baby talk

    This is such an interesting topic and it's amazing how many of you have seen this in your kids. I have not but I have seen it in other family members ie outside my immediate family and never considered it to potentially be a part of the TS spectrum... I wonder how common it is? I don't think it has ever come up as a topic of discussion before throughout the forum or in my travels to conference etc.
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