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Thread: cracking tics damaging?

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    Default cracking tics damaging?

    I have a back cracking tic like were my shoulders r and they contract and I also crack and tilt my neck. It's like if it doesnt crack i got to do it untill ti does. I think I strained a mucle in my neck because it hurts to eat. And my upper back is sore. I was wondering if it is bad to crack your bk repeadidly. Because they've always told me when I was little "dont crack your nuckles youll get arthritus". Is cracking my neck and back all day long doing damage? Any ideas on how to help it or control it. I've tried to use a neck pillow and lay in certain positions so I cant arch my back. But even when I do this my muscles still like contract.

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    Default cracking tics damaging?

    Muscle contractions and motor tics seem to go hand and hand with my son too.

    What I do know is that although he finds relief in the cracking it is not good for him. Lately I see this with his wrists.

    Now that he has been doing it for years he has inflammation of the joints and I saw this in my older brother too with his knuckles.

    I've tried stretching exercises and even some yoga with my son, swimming helps too to limber & relax the joints and build muscles. That pressure you feel that makes you want to pop eases up since the contractions decrease.
    The more active he has become the less motor tics around his shoulders, neck and torso we have seen.

    I realize everyone is different and you must find your own technique to make it better. Hopefully others here will share their experiences and ideas that have worked for them.

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    Default cracking tics damaging?

    Thanxs PJK, I've find what you said very helpful. I'll try being more active.

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