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Thread: What is "in service"?

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    Default What is "in service"?


    I posted a "getting to know you" in the "New" section, but I have a question about some of the terms.

    I saw a post from Steve, I think, that talked about having "in service" in his son's school. What does this mean?

    Thank you.

    Be well,

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    Default What is "in service"?

    Hi Lupie Jori,

    The TSFC has an in-service program. They are people trained by TSFC and they go into schools and talk about TS to the people in the school including the children and adults.

    Here is the contact information to talk to the head office and they will set up an in-service for your child's school.

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    Default What is "in service"?

    Hi Jori

    I am trained as an in-service provider and it is just as Steph described. How old is your child? depending on the age and symptoms of the child the presentation can differ. We also provide in-servicing for teachers and employers.
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

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    Default I get it

    Thanks for letting me know what that term meant.

    My son is 13, and finishing Grade 7. A formal dx has not yet been received, but both GP and pediatrician feel that is where we are heading, so now we just need to get in to the tourette team in Toronto.

    I'm glad to hear that someone can come in to the school to explain TS to others. My younger son has been dx with LD, ADHD and Anxiety Disorder over a year ago, and I have had one heck of a time getting anyone to realize what these terms mean. His report card still comes home with comments like "writing is messy..." :x There doesn't seem to be anyone that understands a graphomotor LD, never mind something like TS!! It's nice to know I have somewhere I can turn when/if I need to.

    Thanks for filling me in!

    Be well,

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