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Thread: Walk for TS Awareness

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    Default Walk for TS Awareness

    The annual Tourette's Syndrome walk will take place July 2 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland.

    The Hepditch family who were featured in our local paper are helping to raise awareness for a decade now.

    The walk annually brings in nearly $2, 500 for the Tourette's Syndrome Foundation of Canada to raise awareness and research.

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    Default Walk for TS Awareness

    Thats wonderful!

    I am curious if we have something like that in our area. I will contact our main chapter to verify.

    Thanx for sharing

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    Default Walk for TS Awareness

    That is interesting. Ottawa should have one of these... heh.

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    Default Walk for TS Awareness

    We had a beautiful day on July 2 for the walk!

    We had about 75 people show up for the walk and it was fantastic especially considering there was only my son and one teenager there who has TS.

    All those people there just to support TS really helped those two feel special!

    We had a great BBQ over at the Hepditch's family afterwards and they went all out to make us all feel welcome.

    It was a wonderful day for everyone.

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