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Thread: Disneyworld vacation successful

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    Default Disneyworld vacation successful

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know that our Disneyworld vacation was a success! My son had a great time, except for one day when he had a sore throat all day. We were at Epcot that day, but he wanted to keep on going. He was 99% right shoulder ticcing/popping, but not anymore than usual. That is his current tic for now. I noticed when we got on a ride or into a show his ticcing increased quite a bit because he was anxious about what was going to happen. The attractions are so stimulating. In between attractions the ticcing seemed to slow down. Also at the hotel, the ticcing seemed less. We took the train to Disneyworld and he seemed to really like that also. There was a lot to keep him busy on the train. Overall, the trip went very well and he said he had a great time.
    We're still waiting to see the neurologist. (Aug. 1st) He has to get 2 teeth pulled in a couple of weeks, but other than that he has the rest of the summer to enjoy.


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    Default Disneyworld vacation successful

    Hi Grammy1,

    That is great!!

    I am so happy for your family that you had a nice vacation. Did he get the hat with the big mouse ears?

    Did you let the people at Disneyland know you were coming and did they make accommodations for your son?

    Keep us posted.

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    Default going to Disney in April 07

    We are going to Disney in April 07.if you have any suggestion for me that may help,I would gladly take them.

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    Default Disneyworld vacation successful

    Hi Mom2ksjnn5,

    We did talk about Disneyland in this thread Here .

    Giving the guest services a call before leaving for your trip is a great idea.

    Finding out what is available for you and your family helps to have a great trip.

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    Default Disneyworld vacation successful


    Glad to hear you had an enjoyable time at Epcot and Disney. It's a wonderful place to visit.

    Did you use any of the special guest services?

    How long was your stay in Orlando?

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    Default Disneyworld vacation successful

    Hi all,

    We didn't use special guest services as my son only had the shoulder ticcing going on. He does not have any comorbid conditions that I know of. I don't know if anyone noticed the shoulder movements or not because there is so much commotion while waiting for attractions. There were other smaller children making more fuss than my son. I did notice quite a few people taking advantage of the special entrances which I thought was great for those with handicaps of any sort. They got right into the attractions without waiting. So if there are any of you dealing with severe TS and additional problems that would come in handy.
    On the day that he had the sore throat, he was having a hard time keeping the pace. We took rest stops at the parks and kept ourselves hydrated. It was soooooo HOT there. He also has a problem with really bad flat feet, so on the day that he didn't feel well I was almost to the point of requesting a wheel chair for him because his feet hurt so much. When we left the park, my hubby carried him (88 lbs.) piggyback for about 2 blocks to get to our bus back to the hotel. He couldn't walk anymore.
    They did seem to accomodate special needs visitors very well there.


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    Default Disneyworld vacation successful

    Hi Grammy

    I am so glad to hear your trip to Epcot and Disney were a big success. I have only been there once as part of non-profit trip for underpriviledged kids called Dreams Take Flight. I helped escort 7 kids from this area. We were flown in and out on the same day so it was quick, but fun.
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