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Thread: Spreading Awareness

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    Default Spreading Awareness

    The Governor General was in my city for a day and I thought it would be lovely to meet her.

    I took my son and my mother to see if we could shake hands with her and because of the heat there wasn't very many people there.

    When she walked by us, my son looked at her and said "I have Tourette Syndrome and I have a Tourette Syndrome bracelet for you".

    She smiled and said that I don't know about TS but I promise that I will look it up and learn about it. She read the bracelet tic together and said that it was beautiful and she put it on her wrist right away. She took several pictures with us and the premier of our province was also in the picture. They both talked with my son for several minutes and he couldn't stop smiling.

    It was a very special moment for my son and I am so happy for him. The bracelet was also special because I think it was the only gift she received that afternoon. She said that she will send us a picture and her official photographer gave us his card.

    I think it was a good way to spread awareness.

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    Default Spreading Awareness

    What a wonderful experience for both you and your son! I am sure he will remember that for the rest of his life :D

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    Default Spreading Awareness

    Great idea - giving her the bracelet!
    Darin M. Bush, The Tourette Tiger, author of "Tiger Trails"

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    Default Spreading Awareness

    I wish I could meet the govoner general

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    Default Spreading Awareness

    O0o0O scoore! Wish I lived Canada lol

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    Alley I am just curios where do you live?

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