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Thread: Hello from Ottawa

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    Default Hello from Ottawa

    Hello all, pleasure to find this site and looking forward to getting into some great discussions.

    Quick potted history. Am now 36 and was diagnosed only 9 months ago but in retrospect can remember symptoms back as far as I can remember. My tic's are minor and are (usually) related to head and neck. Have had medication prescribed to take when things get a little intense (e.g. when things are stressfull).

    I think that most of my questions are going to be related to Tourettes and behaviours rather than physical manifestations, but will post those on the other boards rather than in this intro forum.

    One very quick question, do any of the members get together at all in Ottawa? Would be great to meet up with fellow members of the board.


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    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the TSFC forum, it is nice to meet you.

    There is an active support group in the Ottawa area and Here is the information.

    We would love to talk about anything related to Tourette's Syndrome and we have many discussions regarding tics and you can jump into any that you want to.

    How has your life been since the diagnosis? How has your family accepted the diagnosis.

    Keep us posted, we would love you hear from you.

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    Default Hello from Ottawa

    Welcome Steve:

    The TSFC forum is a great resource for relating to common concerns and finding answers to help.

    Your local chapter will be able to provide some direction too, and yes often members on the forum also participate in local chapters.

    When you find those that have not you should remind them the forum is available. Often new members find us to find the local chapters and direction.

    Glad you found us and look forward to you joining in.

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    Default Hello from Ottawa

    Hi Steve

    Welcome to our forum. Be sure to connect with the Ottawa chapter because that chapter is very active and typically meets every second Tuesday of the month. If you contact them they will confirm that. Feel free to browse and start discussions in any of the other topic threads... we love to see old topics re-activated ;)
    Janet, mom of 4

    TSFC Homepage

    "Intelligence is always increasing; accommodation allows your intelligence to do what it has always done." Cassie Green, Washington College

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    Default Hello from Ottawa

    Welcome Steve!

    The Ottawa Chapter does meet monthly, although we're off during summer months so the next meeting is in September. Check back on the Web site in a little while since we're working on some updates.

    Welcome to the forums!

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    Default Hello from Ottawa

    Thank you all for your kind welcome and am looking forward to meeting up with the Ottawa group in September.

    As for how did my family react... well pretty well. My mum had a bit of a panic (as mum's tend to do) until I explained what it is all about. My wife and I still have to work out how it is/has impacted the relationship. Reason I say this is that I notice (from literature I have read) that people with Tourettes can be predisposed to certain behaviours (ADD, depression etc), some of which can put pressure on a relationship and some of these I know I do have.

    That is probably my first question to the group, has anyone had experience of behaviours associated with Tourettes impacting (potentially harmfully) a relationship.

    The other possibility is that the behaviours are nothing to do with TS at all... how do I know, does it make ANY difference... who can help me find this one out!!

    Thanks in advance


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    Default Hello from Ottawa

    Hi Steve,

    We have a section on the forum called Adults with Tourette which discusses TS and its impact on a person's life and their relationships.

    My husband and son has TS and its associated behaviours and I think it gives them a great advantage. Every time they goof around or do something they should not do then they blame their TS for it.

    In other words, whatever syndrome they have I care about them therefore, I would want them to have the syndrome because that is what makes them the person they are.

    The criteria for TS+ is described in this website .

    You could direct your family onto the forum to read about TS and we could also help answer some of their questions.

    We are always here to support you and your family. Let us know how we can help.

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