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Thread: on and off ????? echolalia

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    Default on and off ????? echolalia

    i never 4t about this till today and was wondering if nay 1 new 4 sure

    i was in my bed and thing about ts and all the different tics,

    when i had a high sugar thing in the day or a big bottle of coke i got hypoactive and so much i shake like i am cold i i done this a few times and stuff i i just shout and stuff be crazy and laugh like no reason
    i relised i used to repeat wat ppl are sayin like words and short sentences i can remember think like wow i have to do it and sometimes just come out

    this happened a few times wen i didnt even no wat a tics and ts was

    i havent done this for a while
    it anit my fault, its the way i am

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    Default Re: on and off ????? echolalia


    What you experienced we have been through, this is why my son drinks clear soda's and we limit the refined sugars he eats. He also can repeat phases for no apparent reason. Caffeine & sugar are considered stimulants and can trigger vocal tics in my son. Though others have also experienced this on the forum I am uncertain if there has ever been a clinical study about the relationship between them and tics.

    This is a tic that comes and goes with my son so for him there appears to be a contributing factor that causes them.

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    Default Re: on and off ????? echolalia

    I sometimes do that as well nothing to worry about

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    Default Re: on and off ????? echolalia

    yer i no wat u mean it sometimes comies and go in me wen i nait had a drink

    i anit really worrying i was just wondering

    thanks for the reply

    x x x Dan x x x
    it anit my fault, its the way i am

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    Default Re: on and off ????? echolalia

    no problem I am glad to be of service


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