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Thread: hi all from Neepawa, Manitoba

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    Default hi all from Neepawa, Manitoba

    I posted a while back introducing myself, I have a 13 year old daughter with tourettes and ocd and we live in england and are moving to live in manitoba. my husband will be doing long haul trucking and will be away from home 12/15 days at a time. I have 2 other children aged 8 and 10, we are flying out to Canada on the 14th of sept and are buying a house in Neepawa, I know there is a Tourettes chapter in Winnipeg but wondered if there is anyone out their near to Neepawa for us to meet up for company, isabelle hasn't met anyone else with tourettes yet and has been very loney where we live at the moment so we our hoping for a new start in Neepawa and would love to meet up with people and make new friends. take care all. deb

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    Default Re: hi all from Neepawa, Manitoba


    You're right about the Chapter in Winnipeg, and you may wish to call the National Office to see if there are any members or contact people in Neepawa.

    You may wish to let the Office know you are interested in getting together with others, and they may be able to search the memberlist to see if anyone is near where you live.

    In the meantime, use the TSFC Forum for your support, contacts and information.

    The toll free number within Canada for the National Office is (800) 361-3120

    Welcome to Canada in your move!

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    Default Re: hi all from Neepawa, Manitoba


    I wish the best on your move.

    Are the children excited?

    Your daughter is old enough to join this forum if she would like.
    Spend some time navigating around and we will be glad to be of any assistance we can.


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    Default Re: hi all from Neepawa, Manitoba


    How did the move go? Hope everything went smoothly! I'm sure your family will meet lots of new friends here, Canadians are pretty friendly ;). As PJK said, your daughter is old enough to join the forum as well and we've got a great little group of teens on here now for her to talk to!
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    Default Re: hi all from Neepawa, Manitoba

    well we arrived, and it's been pretty hetic since. Isabelle has settled into school well, and in contrast to her school in England have been really helpful, old issues such as "friendships" seemed to have reared their head again but the school are helping by getting her and hour a week with a life skills councilor. Now that Paul is out on the road doing long haul I thought I would get in touch with the Winnipeg chapter (I always find it harder coping with the kids when he's away)

    The idea of letting her on the forum is a good one, but I've found from past experience that Isabelle is quite "suggestable" therefore she picks up on others tics am troubles and they become her own, so I might just see how she goes for the moment. anyway thanks for repyling and I look forward to getting to know you all.

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    Default Re: hi all from Neepawa, Manitoba

    Hi Deb:

    I am happy to hear that you are getting settled in and that you are getting some support at school for your daughter.

    The contact information for the Winnipeg chapter can be found here. I know they will be happy to hear from you and can steer to the support that is available in your area.
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    Default Re: hi all from Neepawa, Manitoba

    Welcome to Canada Deb!


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    Default Re: hi all from Neepawa, Manitoba

    Hi Deb,

    I sent you a PM with the contact for our Brandon Resource Unit which may be a little closer for you.



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