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Thread: In Service went great

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    A volunteer from the tsfc edmonton chapter came into my work today and did an in service. It was great she did a very good job at explaining to them what tourettes is, she went through all the details involving associated disorders, she also had them play a game of what it is kind of like to have tourettes. my supervisor was givivng me problems before but after she educated him he apologized and also said it will help him as a supervisor. once again a the weight was lifted off my shoulders. ;D

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    What a wonderful complement to the in service presenter and to the in service program offered by TSFC!

    What was the game that demonstrated what it's like to have Tourette? We are always looking for ways to demonstrate this concept to newcomers to Tourette.

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    Hey Dustin,

    That is such awesome news that you had such an effective in-service - and so quickly - kudos to the Edmonton Chapter. I recall the problems you were saying you had with the supervisor and to receive an apology is fanastic. Keep up the great work and keep posting - the extended TS family is always interested in what and how our members are doing.


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    the game she made them do was ,pick a song to write all the lyrics to(oh canada). She assigned them to do a motor tic when she clapped once and and obsessive compulisive tic when she clapped twice, and she also had them cross out every third word and re write it , and they only had a minute to do it. It really helped explain how i feel as an employee on an assembly line.
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    This is great news! the fact that he admits he was wrong in how he treated you is a huge success. Thanks for sharing and please stay connected. You know we can really benefit from people like you sharing your employment experiences so others can learn from them.

    thanks for registering and letting me know how it all played out
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    Great News Dustin!

    A in service program really made a big difference for us too last year at my son's school. I am glad it was so successful and others got a feel for what you experience.

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