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Thread: Record Keeping

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    Default Record Keeping

    A personal health record is an invaluable tool. It is even more important to keep records when you are managing multiple treatments and medications, as is often the case with people with TS and its associated disorders.

    Keeping a personal health record can be as simple as keeping a 3-ring binder with information on doctor visits, medications, test results, etc.

    Information on how to set up a personal health record can be found in Understanding Tourette Syndrome: A Handbook for Families starting on page 75. This book is available from the TSFC National office at 1-800-361-3120.

    There is an abundance of information on personal health records on the internet. One place to start is this article.

    You should keep a copy of your family health history in this record as well. See this post for more information on the family health record.

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    Definitely a good idea. I recently got an insurance policy, and as a part of it I needed to recall some of the details of my treatment (medications, when I stopped certain treatments, etc.).

    I could not recall very accurately. It took digging up appointment reminders and prescription papers to put it all together. I wish I had kept good records of that stuff. :-\

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