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Thread: Hi I'am new to this Forrum

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    Default Hi I'am new to this Forrum

    Hi I have and 18 year old son with Tourettes diagnosed at 7 years old but pretty mild

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    Default Re: Hi I'am new to this Forrum

    Welcome catcrazy56!

    I look forward to hearing about your experiences. I am sure you will have lots to add to the forum as a "seasoned" mom.

    My son is 12 and was dx at age 9. He has TS Plus and is also considered mild.

    Feel free to browse old topics and reply to any that are of interest to you. It is always nice to hear another perspective which sometimes stirs new interest and discussion.


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    Default Re: Hi I'am new to this Forrum

    Hello catcrazy56!

    Welcome to the TSFC forum. It is great to have you as a new member.

    If you need any assistance navigating the forum please let us know.

    Once you become more familiar with the forum I hope you invite your son to join. We have a good teen section with some great members. There are several families that jointly or independently participate on this forum too.

    It is a great place to visit.

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    Default Re: Hi I'am new to this Forrum

    Welcome from me too......

    Jaxx (New Zealand)


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