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Thread: Hello and help

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    Default Hello and help

    Hello everyone,

    My name is sdman (on here), I'm 15 years old. I was referred to this site by the TSFC hotline because of some problems I've been having the last few weeks. When I was 9 years old, I was diagonosed with TS and OCD. After that, I had not had many problems with it, no medication needed. However, these last couple of weeks have had some bad points and I was wondering if any of you have had similar experiences and if so, how did you deal with them?
    Over these recent weeks I have had a lot of bad dreams at night, It started out with worry over an exam but eventually spread to other things, very bad things that I wish not to mention. I went on the Internet to a help site and read about depression (the disorder), I talked to my parents about it at they said it was not true. We talked to the neurologist who diagonosed me but he said since it had been more than a year I would require a referral which was a little annoying but anyway.
    My parents have mentioned to me that these times may be being caused by a hormonal change because of growing up, which I believe to be true because about the only time I had a problem during that 5 year period after being diagnosed was about a week of a little depression, which I think was because of the transition, and plus, the problem I have now seems to be passing (but I still would like some answers).
    I'm really not sure who to believe about this matter but I would ask for your advice about what to do.


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    Welcome sdman!

    I am so glad you found us. I have a 13 year old son with TS Plus who was also diagnosed at the age of 9.

    You are doing the right thing in discussing all of this with your parents. Give them a bit of time to access the professional help that you need. You may also wish to consider telling them about this site. They can find a lot of support on here as well as advice and information.

    Quote Originally Posted by sdman View Post

    I'm really not sure who to believe about this matter but I would ask for your advice about what to do.
    Does your doctor have experience with TS specificlly? Finding a doctor with that experience is crucial to people with TS. TS and it's associated disorders can be very complicated to wade through. Finding a good doctor or TS clinic is something your parents can help you with. Calling the TSFC is a good first step as they can point you in the right direction.

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    Default Re: Hello and help

    Hi sdman

    I am happy that you have found us.

    It sounds like you need to talk to your doctor and get a referral. Some of what you are describing sounds like it might be anxiety. Neurological difficulties are not straightforward, so you definitely need to talk to someone who can help you sort things out.

    Please keep talking to your parents. It can be very disturbing to have bad dreams and they can probably help you put things into perspective.

    Your TS symptoms can get worse when you have hormonal changes. My son (now 20) went through a few bad spells that seemed to tied to hormonal changes. His tics got worse and he did have some anxiety problems that have since subsided.

    You mention bad dreams -- but are you also having 'bad thoughts' that interfere with your day? If so, make sure you talk to your doctor about these as well (and talk to your parents, as well.)
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    Default Re: Hello and help

    Hello sdman!

    Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing your concerns.

    Depending on where you are located, the medical system has some strange rules, so don't be too hard on your neurologist for needing another referral.

    As the others have mentioned, keep the conversation going with your parents, and ask them to arrange an appointment with your pediatrician or family doctor.

    You may wish to ask your parents if they would consider allowing you to speak with your doctor alone. That way you might feel more at ease to discuss things that are causing you concern that might be private in nature.

    If the doctor thinks you may be experiencing some [DEF]anxiety [/DEF], which is fairly common among all people, you might be offered some ways to control that anxiety.

    People with Tourette are thought to have higher levelsof anxiety that the general population, so when there is an issue that is on our minds, our anxiety level sometimes reaches a point that needs additional help to control.

    That's where your doctor or other health therapist can be of help.

    People sometimes consult psychologists to provide strategies to deal with their anxiety, so that might be an option you may wish to investigate with your parents and your doctor.

    Do keep us posted on your progress and let us know what other information you might require.

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    Default Re: Hello and help

    Thank you to all of you for your help,

    My mom has followed your advice and has arranged an appointment with my family's general doctor. It will be a bit of a wait though. Hopefully things go well. If I have any questions or concerns I will come back here and talk to my parents.



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    Default Re: Hello and help


    Feel free to invite your Mom to join us here on the Forum, if she would like to discuss any questions she may have.

    If she would like to participate on the Forum, be sure to ask her to register using a different username ID from yours.

    As you can imagine, it can become confusing when two or more people use the same Forum username.

    While waiting for your doctor appointment, use the time to do extensive research on Tourette Syndrome, using some of the better quality sites on the internet.

    That way you can be prepared when speaking with your doctor by being able to ask the right questions, and understand what you are being told.

    As responsible patients, we must be partners in our own healthcare, when dealing with our physicians and health professionals. That's why we must be well informed ahead of time.

    Good luck! ;)

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    Default Re: Hello and help


    Thank you for your support,

    I was talking to my mom recently about what is going on, it's almost a form of therapy for me. I will continue to do that because I care about myself and I do not want the images in the dreams to come true. She has mostly been advising me about what to say on this forum and was the one who egged me on to join. I already know a lot about TS but I will continue to expand my knowledge on OCD and TS. Your messages have helped me considerably and thank you all for your support!

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    Default Re: Hello and help

    Hello again,

    I have been doing better the last few weeks, my mom got me on vitamins which seems to help. I need to talk to you guys about something though...

    Just recently, I have been having some thought about things that I felt I would talk about. It always seems to me that my life is a mess right now, I sometimes feel that whatever I'm going through is not going away. I know I will get through it but the question is how. I am going to have to describe these thoughts to my doctor because now I feel that I have a burning question in my head and that is, what is causing this and how do I get rid of /deal with it? I didn't have these problems before school got out but now they have taken the forefront. I will talk to my mom but I thought this was a good place to start. Have any of you experienced similar emotions and if so could you help me?

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    hi, I am really sad to hear about the bad dreams. My son who is 11 was going through that for a while and they seem so distrubing to him that it kind of freaked me out as well....So they seem to be almost real...I use to write out everything that was bothering me and sometimes you could not even understand it because my mind would go faster then I could write, but it felt really good to get it all out. Then I would burn it or rip it up and throw it out. Its like a release letting it go...Walking also helped me with anxiety.You would just walk and the mind just would race but it helped. But if I was to choose one it really was the writing even now I find I will do it. Also think about what you are eatting before bed and maybe the activity, try to keep it more downkey and relaxing. Just some thoughts wish you all the best.. My daughter has just turn 16, these years are hard because even if you kids think everything is ok there is still presures from other kids just because friends are moving and changing one day they think this way the next day its like WHAT. Hang in and keep talking to your mom, we are moms with wisdom you be surprised....Louella;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdman View Post
    Just recently, I have been having some thought about things that I felt I would talk about. I am going to have to describe these thoughts to my doctor because now I feel that I have a burning question in my head and that is, what is causing this and how do I get rid of /deal with it?
    It sounds like you are describing intrusive thoughts. Are these thoughts that you are talking about when you are awake?

    If so, intrusive thoughts and OCD are not unusual. Intrusive thoughts can be of awful things that you would never ever do. They are called intrusive because you don't want the thoughts but they come anyway. They can be very difficult to put out of your mind.

    Some people perform compulsions to get rid of the thoughts. For example if you could not stop thinking about germs on your hands you might wash your hands over and over. Or if you could not stop thinking anbout harm coming to someone you may do something to to get rid of that thought. My son struggles with this and his compulsion is to rub people or squeeze them.

    It sounds like these thoughts are really bothering you. Your doctor can point you to a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist who can teach you how to deal with this.

    It is very important for you to know that just because you have bad thoughts that won't go away it DOES NOT mean you are a bad person or that you will act on them. These thoughts say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about your character. It is just OCD and the way OCD works, that's all.

    Please keep us posted.


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