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Thread: Face scratching and face slapping

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    Talking Face scratching and face slapping


    I'm Edwin and I've had tourettes since i was 10. I'm 28 now going on 29 next month and I've had all the different tics that I can think of in my lifetime. My main tics are the head and neck jerking. But recently I've noticed in the past year is I've developed a new tic where I'm scratching my face and head, and also slapping/hitting my face. I have scars on both sides of my face above each cheek from scratching and sometimes my face is red from all the slapping I do to my face. Has anybody or any parent experienced this with your child? It's hard to explain to people when they see me do it, and I just say I'm really itchy and that I'm slapping myself to wake myself up... hahaha... If anyone has seen these tics, please let me know I'm not alone? Thanks...

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    Welcome to the forum EAlmariego!

    My son picks or scratches at his body and head until it bleeds. He has many scars all over his body now. In his case it is OCD related.

    You are not alone. As you get to know us better you will find you have much in common with many people here. I am sure you will find the forum a good source of information and comfort.

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