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Thread: trying to identify symptoms as a child

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    Default trying to identify symptoms as a child

    I was not rasied by my mother but I remember her tell people that as young as 6 months she could not hold me as I was jumping all over and hyperactive .

    Would this be a sign of ADHD at that age?

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    Post Re: trying to identify symptoms as a child

    The diagnostic criteria of ADHD according to the international classification systems (ICD 10 or DSM IV) define the maximum age of onset of some symptoms of ADHD before the age of seven. These symptoms have to be severe and create impairments of academic or social functioning. If a child has only minor problems (compared to any other child of his age and developmental stage) the age-of-onset criterion would not be met.

    Click Here for a description of the diagnostic criteria for ADHD (DSM-IV-TR) taken from the CDC site.

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