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Thread: MEDS... How long have you been taking them?

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    Default MEDS... How long have you been taking them?

    Well the thread title pretty much sums it up...LOL. I was just wondering how long people have had to take MEDS? My 8 yr old son has just started Risperdol.

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    Default Re: MEDS... How long have you been taking them?

    Hi Crystal!

    Everyone is of course very different. As well different stages of life will bring different challenges. And different families will make different choices depending on their own unique situations.

    In our case our son is now in grade 8 and had been on medication since grade 2. Our goal is to be med free but I am uncertain if he will be able to ever do that. His pluses are quite severe and he can not eat without medication. In our case the OCD/anxiety component is getting worse and he now can not sleep without medication either.

    Medication, for us, allows our son to literally participate in life. We just went through a very rough period at the end of the summer. We did not realize his sleep issues had gotten so bad. Since making yet another med change during the first week of school he is now sleeping through the night.

    He is a completely different child. He has gone from having almost no control over pretty much everything to a, helpful, dutiful son/student/cadet/friend/etc. The change is incredible. He has even talked about trying some new foods! A huge WOW for him!
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    Default Re: MEDS... How long have you been taking them?

    I had tourettes since i was i think around 6 and the symptoms peaked at age 13, i took risperdol for a month when i was 12 and havent taken anything since. I started taking whole bunch of different pills recently, i just turned 19 (symptoms got so bad i had to drop out of college for time being), they give me whole bunch of side effects and little help. I recommend not taking medication unless its life or death situation.

    P.S. no medication seems to work for me

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