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Thread: Ideas about dealing with joint cracking

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    Default Ideas about dealing with joint cracking

    Hi all
    My son has a compulsion to crack all his joints. He is 11. I am working to reduce his stress which has made it worse of course. His teachers this year haven't bought into the world of tourettes but they are getting there.

    I am usually able to figure away through most of his compulsions or obsessions but this one is being very persistant. He is motivated to stop and he has heard the reasons from his doctor and myself.

    We have set up a chart to record how long he can go without doing it and how he feels. We are trying to replace his compusion with joint compresssions. Any other ideas would be great.

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    Default Re: Ideas about dealing with joint cracking

    Hi Elaine,
    My 11 year old son started this compulsion in the summer and it has spread to all joints that I know of! I have been just trying to ignore it, thinking it may go away on its own but my brother (with OCD and tics) did this his whole youth. What is joint compression? You have motivated me to work on this with Jacob. I will also discuss with psychologist at our next appointment and see if he has any ideas.

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    Default Re: Ideas about dealing with joint cracking

    Hi Kristin
    I have forgotten the official term but it is a desensitizing therapy suggested
    by an occupational therapist when Gavin had alot of difficulty is how clothing felt. It had great success. It included using a special soft brush that you brushed any exposed skin(more at home of course) and then followed this with joint compression -gently compressint the joints. Start with fingers- hold each finger one at a time and move then toward the hand. Do this 10 times each. then flex the wrists place hands on elbow and hand and compress ten times each. Move to upper arm same thing. Toes, then knees, knee to hip, down on shoulders, gentle sternal(chest to back)-seven times.
    The worse they are the more often you do it. Gavin is now compresssing his own joints in an attempt to stop cracking. He occassionally lets me brush.
    Writing down how long he goes without cracking is having some improvement, he went 1.5hrs yesterday without. We also talked about not hiding and cracking. If you get any other ideas on how to tackle this compulsion please let me know, I hate to think about how it is wearing out those joints(like your son he does all joints now)

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    Default Re: Ideas about dealing with joint cracking

    Thanks for the information , this is something my son 11 wants to do and he said the pain would go away if he could just crack this area around his ankle....I never thought it was a tic...thanks now I have more information thanks...

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