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Thread: stuttering in a 3 yr old

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    Default stuttering in a 3 yr old

    Hi there,

    I have ts and so does my son.

    I was wondering if anyone has any info on stuttering, I know it can be a tic, however my daughter is only 3. She will be seeing a speach path, but is on a fairly long waiting list. has anyone experienced tics this early?
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    Default Re: stuttering in a 3 yr old


    Your daughters stuttering at three reminds me of my 8 year old son. Dawson stuttered very badly at three. He grew out of it and we thought that was the end of that. However as he grew so did all the symptoms of TS. (we had no idea what TS was) He was only recently diagnosed. But now that we look at all the things he was dealing with, including stuttering it all makes sense. I have read several times that stuttering is very closely linked to TS. However as I am sure you know, just because your daughter is stuttering, does not mean she has TS. When our son was going to speech therapy the speech therapist said that at three, often what happens is that their smart little minds go faster then there mouth?????? not sure if I swallow that, but she did say that he would likely out grow it.....he did.....but he also developed TS later. This was probably nothing new to you, but know that you are not alone.

    Thinking of you Rhonda

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    Default Re: stuttering in a 3 yr old

    Thank-you for the information, I appreciate knowing that someone else has been where I am right now. My daughter also shows signs of obsessive type conditions, so my gut is telling me that she will probably become diagnosed with ts or some associated disorder as time goes on. The speach path had also told me the same thing about her outgrowing it. I hope that she does and it doesn't turn into anything else. My son who is almost 10 didn't show signs of ts until he was 5 however looking back, I always new in my gut something was different with him. Behaviour wise and in school. It turns oiut my gut was right. I just hope I am wrong this time.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I appreciate your thoughts,

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    Default Re: stuttering in a 3 yr old

    Our little guy stutters as well. It kinda like he gets stuck on a word not a sound and repeats it till he can get the rest of the sentence out. We tell him to take a deep breathe and try again.... it works most of the time.

    I asked his Doc and she said it might be something called Palilia where they repeat their own words? She's fairly sure it is a Tic. It's sooo pronounced when he is agitated or excited or worried. This started when he was about 3 and it comes and goes. He's five now and it seems to be one of his tics that are here all the time now.

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    Default Re: stuttering in a 3 yr old

    My son stuttered at 3 as well and the stuttering reappeared at 5 for a while. It would be interesting to know how many kids with tourettes stuttered during early childhood. Does anyone know of a researched connection?

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