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Thread: Has anyone else seen this site about mind control?

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    Default Has anyone else seen this site about mind control?

    I think that's what it is, anyway. I followed this link from the Environmental Illness Resource website. I just wonder if anyone's actually read this writing, or knows anything about what this person is suggesting in it. I'm not about to pay $40 for something that is most likely just quackery, but might have something to it. If there's anything to it, I'm sure I'll see it elsewhere for free. But I just wondered if any of you have any knowledge of this.

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    Default Re: Has anyone else seen this site about mind control?

    Patty, I just read the site you posted and it seems, from the ad that it is just another way of making money from desperate people. If this was a proven method, why wouldn't therapists be using it? I don't believe it is that drug companies are trying to keep their monopoly on treatment, as non-drug therapies are used widely for related problems, such as OCD.
    Having said that, I did hear recently about using cognitive behaviour therapy for tics (usually used for OCD) and that some center in the states is having great success in treating severe Tourette's with this therapy. There was an example of a boy who couldn't leave the house because he had to do a deep knee bend with every step. Has anyone heard of this? I think I heard it on CBC back in the summer.

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    Default Re: Has anyone else seen this site about mind control?

    Kristin, thank you so much for your response. Yes, I'm beginning to agree with you, that all the hype about the drug companies wanting our kids on drugs and being in cahoots with the doctors is just that, false hype. I used to think there is definitely a blindness among medical people where this was concerned, but not so much anymore. The more I talk with people whose kids have Tourette's etc., the more I realize my son really has a mental deficiency... a thing that nothing can touch but drugs, maybe, at least for now. He has probably got Tourette's, OCD, and ADHD, and maybe depression too....

    I have hooked up with the NWECI, due to an email I sent our TSA regarding not being able to find help in Oregon. The gal who called me lives near here, and has had good success with them. We now have appointment the first weekend in January with people who really have concrete experience with Tourette's and OCD etc. I feel much better about it now that we're going in a direction.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Has anyone else seen this site about mind control?

    Patty, that is so wonderful that you are getting some help for your son. Yes, it does feel better to at least have a direction. Right now, we are not doing anything about our son's tics because he does not seem to mind them too much. It is his OCD that gets him down and he has been in therapy for 9 months. It keeps it from getting out of hand but life is still a struggle with the OCD so we now have a referral to see someone to try medication. It may take 4 months to get to see this person though. There are other options but our fam doctor wanted us to go to this great developmental pediatrician; so, we wait. We do a lot of that in Canada LOL! I thought things were a lot quicker for you in the US but I guess it is not all good. Kristin

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