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    Hi Everyone,
    Mom of 5 year old daughter with TS. Recently diagnosed. Having a rough go right now with the vocal tics.
    Open to all words of wisdom and any advise in general. It is pretty overwhelming I got to say.
    Looking forward to chatting with you all.


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    Hi Glad:

    It is good that you have found us. There is lots of information already on this site, and lots of people willing to answer your questions and share their own experiences.

    What types of problems is your daughter having with vocal tics?
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    Welcome Glad!

    I hope you find the forum a place of comfort and understanding. The forum has a great search function where you can zero in on specific issues that are of interest to you. Please join in on any discussions that are relevant to your situation or feel free to start your own thread to clarify issues you are dealing with.

    I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

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    Thanks Cathy and Patti,
    My daughter is having a hard time in school right now with the vocal tics. The kids asking her to stop, she's being too loud, etc. She is feeling down because of it. She is trying to explain her tics to them but they don't understand. They are only 5 year old afterall... and not nearly as bright as my daughter! Ha ha.
    Oh just the regular stuff that I am sure you gals have heard a million times.
    But I have Kay Wilen from the foundation coming to our school to do an in service so I am very pleased with that.
    Just trying to take it one day at a time.
    I am looking forward to chatting and getting to know everyone.


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    That's great! The kids should be much more understanding once they know why. It is hard for kids (and adults) when someome is doing annoying things and they think it is purposeful.

    Please let us know how the in-service goes. When is it scheduled?

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    L just had the in-service at his school and he said it made a huge difference! The kids even stopped complaining when he smells them! ROFL! No one looks at him when his vocal tics act up or mention his facial tics at all and we only had the in-service this past Wednesday! The teacher said she learned a bunch of stuff she didn't know and she had taught kids with Tourette before.

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    You all amaze me! Everyone seems so together and at ease with all of this. I am still in the panicky/freaky/anxious stage where all I do is worry about my darling daughter. I hope one of these days I can be pull it together as well as you have.
    Thanks Lotra for the in-service info. I really appreciate that. I hope we get the same results.

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    Welcome Glad
    Don't worry about the panicky/freaky/anxious stage. We have all been there, and in fact I visit that "place" on occasion still. We have known that our son has TS for about a year, and it has been an emotional roller coaster. I have found this forum a life saver, the more I know the better I feel. The better we all cope as a family. My son also loves to sit and read the posts with me. He loves to know that there are others that are doing, and feeling the same things he is. Education and good old fashion time, is the key to coping. I look forward to hearing more from you.



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