I started a new thread on this one as I could find nothing in the posts that quite fit.
My 5 year old daughter has been tensing her abdominal muscles for about 7 weeks now. It seems that she is doing this constantly throughout the day and it is really starting to frustrate her.
She really bears downs when she does this tensing motion. Almost as if she is having a bowel movement. When she bares down she is expelling a little "poo" (from her anus) and/or peeing a little in her panties.
This has caused an itchy/sore anus which she now has to constantly scratch. I am using cream to keep the soreness/redness under control.
I am wits end with this one. It is a vicious circle and I see no end in sight.
We now pack undies in her book bag for her to change and wipe up during the day. She is in Kindergarten. She is getting to the point that she is scared that she might poo or pee her pants when she is doing this abdominal tensing.
Has anyone had any experience with this. Anyone have any advise or tips at all on how to handle it?