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    My 5 year old daughter has recently developed a spitting tic. She came home from school today with both sleeves soaked with spit. As soon as we go outside she was spitting constantly.
    Can anyone share anything on this one? It's new to us.
    Is there any way to re-direct it? Not a good thing to be spitting inside school or daycare!
    I gave her some tissues to spit into...any other ideas?

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    Hello Glad, I had this tic when I was in the 4th grade, it was no fun at all, it went away almost as abruptly as it appeared, it did however resurface later in life, sadly, and I deal with it to this very day. I'm hoping it will taper off, but as with most tics in my experience, it seems just to get replaced with a new one. I know this is not of much help, but you may find that it leaves for a period of years, and it may or may not resurface later.

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    My son, whom is almost seven, also has a spitting tic. Ethan has had this tic a couple of times but it seems to only last a few days. I find this tic comes out when he is extremely excited, tired or stressed out. Ethan first spit on his 4 year old sister but was given big trouble and was able to hold it in, only to start spitting at me. Ethan will give me a kiss and hug at night and then spit right onto my glasses----he is so embarrased, I wipe them off and say nothing, we have learned to ignore most tics. This is something he obviously is not intending to do.

    I've learned that tics are nothing compared to all the other anxiety and social problems we will and have encounterd.
    God Bless,

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    Thanks Charlene. The spitting seems to have subsided. I appreciate the info.

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    my eight year old son spits , when stressed, although it has tappered off it was very bad starting around may to just a few weeks ago, he has just been diagnosed with ts , he also has aspherburgers syndroum. his spitting very much upsets my husban, i try to ignore it. should i say something to him , when i do my son acks like he has no idea what im talking about.

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    his spitting very much upsets my husband
    How is Dad adapting and accepting the diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome in your son, Brendamasn? As you know, Tourette tics are involuntary and by reprimanding or punishing him for ticcing only increases his stress levels, which in turn increases tic activity.

    Sometimes by making your son aware that certain tics might be unpleasant for others, he might find ways to redirect that particular tic by modifying it or expressing it in another way. He may need some additional coaching or professional help in learning these redirection techniques.

    In the meantime, how is the support system for your son within the family? Does he have brothers or sisters?

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    he has only been diagnosed a short while , im not sure he understands that spitting is a ts sympton, we get into agruments regulary about ignoring his behaviour, pointing it out to my son only makes the symptom worse.

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    yes he has older brothers and one older sister, they are all in there twentys now with children of there own.

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