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Thread: Different name for tics

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    Default Different name for tics

    I'm 62 and was diagnosed with bipolar II years ago and recently ADHD. After my own research, I realized that My tics that I had all my life could be tourette's.

    They are present most of the time but they get worse when in privat but in public I dont think that they show. At least that I know.

    The Psy Doc says that its not tourette but chronic tics.

    I saw her a total 20 minutes max during 5 sessions within a year.

    my tics involve: head, eyes, torso, shoulders, Through noise.

    What do you think?


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    Default Re: Different name for tics

    Hi Vinton:

    The official criteria for diagnosis of TS can be found here

    Some researchers are starting to reconsider whether or not a vocal tic is really required, or whether a vocal tic is just another physical tic.

    Also, there are many types of tic disorders. You can think of them as being along a line with simple tics being at one end and Tourette Syndrome at the other. Chronic tics would be just a step or two down from Tourette Syndrome.

    As I understand it, one of the differentiations between chronic tics and TS is that chronic tics remain relatively the same. If you have a eye twitch and a shoulder tic and have had them for years, that could be chronic tics. Tourette tics tend to change over time.
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    Default Re: Different name for tics


    Thanks for your reply.

    I've visited the site describing TS symptoms an I certainly fit in this category. Also the fact that I was diagnosed for ADHD and BPII.

    as my therapist said 'Its just a name' For me its important as my mother had pretty much the same as me.

    Thanks again


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