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Thread: Choking Sound

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    Default Choking Sound

    As a child, speech therapists were quick to diagnose me with a stutter as were other people. This was really the only symptom of mine that was obvious to other people as they could not see me count 1, 2, 3, 4 as I walked home or did other things, doing things in fours or other symptoms.

    The person who actually suggested Tourettes to me was a woman who is a mother of a child with tourettes but it is years later down the track where a shrink and my GP were the one's to look at this.

    It's annoying really when it happens as I have had people think I'm choking. One person even grabbed me from behind and tried to squeeze the chicken out of my lungs. The only way out was to put my elbow through his ribs. Nice of him to care though.

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    Default Re: Choking Sound

    You are not alone, I used to have a tic where I would exhale strongly and make a choking sound.

    Fortunately, this quickly passed, and now it's mostly just coprophenomena.

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