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Thread: Should I tell all to my son

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    Default Should I tell all to my son

    I am a father to a 12 yrs old boy. He has very minor tics since 8 but about 6 months back, it seems to worsen and from this point onwards is bothering him now as the bodily tics are becoming more unusual. He has been diagnose with general anxiety since 8 and on our own judgement obsessive thoughts w/o complusion ( or is hiding it ). We are seeing a psychiatrist about his tics, anxiety and intrusive thoughts but NOT formally diagnose with TS or TS plus yet. As parents, we do not want to label our child too soon and inform his school that he have tics that's all. To tell my son that he MIGHT have TS+ including all there is to it now may be too traumatic for him. What if we are wrong though all the obvious signs are there? But we are also concerned that if vocals or other stuff happenning suddenly w/o our presence to explain things, it will also equally be traumatic. Is a damn if you do and damn if you don't. What should be the best course of actions and i appreciate all kind of feedback.

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    I Think the best person to judge how a child is going to react, is the parent, you know your sons disposition best. That being said,I'll tell you how my son reacted, and use that info how you please. Our son was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder at 7 and thing just kept snowballing from there. After much research we were sure he had TS. But as we live in a small town. It took forever to go through the process of seeing if our assumption was true. in the mean time, he and the people around him were wondering what was going on! We decided to let him know what we thought, and emphasized the that fact that we were not doctors but this is what we were going to the doctor to find out about. At first he did not won't to hear anything about it. He would get mad and leave the room. after about a week of letting him think on it, he started to ask questions.....lots of questions. as he found out the answers he seemed to find great comfort that, the way he felt about things, and the things he was doing were "normal" for kids with TS. also to know that there was other kids who did the same things he did, made him feel much better. For our family, with knowledge, came acceptance and understanding. He was officially diagnosed with TS, but by that time we were all so comfortable with the idea that it was no longer such a big deal. I hope this helps you in some way. Your family is not alone in this. We have all been through it. Use the forum!!! it has been our life line

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    We kind of have taken a slow approach with our son and TS. He is a little older (11 when diagnosed) but we just found that giving a little info at a time was best for him. Eventually we were able to tell him about all sorts of tics people with TS might have and identify the ones he had. Watching the video "I have Tourette's but Tourettes doesn't have me" was a really great opener. The kids in the video have a wide range of severity - some seem to barely have any tics. As for the TS label, we simply told him Tourette's was another word for tics - that made it less scary since he's had tics since he was 5. Kristin

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    I am the mother of an 11 year old boy who in my mind has felt better knowing what is going on in his own body. To know there is a reason why he is doing the things he does and that it is normal with children who have Tourette's. We are having a harder time these last 2 months and are dealing with sensory issues that have prevented him from going to school. I try to educate him as much as possible but there are times we don't understand what he is feeling but try our best to reassure him he isn't alone.

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    I have a 17 year old son who was diagnosed at 6 with TS+. Since he was very prone to sucumbing to suggestions my wife and I were reluctant to let him know about his Tourette, since we feared his tics would increase a lot if he knew that having TS caused tics. We did finally let him know when he was 8 and it was like a giant wave of relief came over him. He said to us, "So I do these things because I have Tourette Syndrome? I'm not nuts?" He could finally explain to his friends and teachers and others why he was making vocal noises and uncontrolable physical movements. Before he knew about his TS he would tell people that he had to make throat noises or stomp his feet before he could continue talking, but he never knew why and thought he was crazy. His knowing about having TS did not caused his tics to increase and lessened his anxiety levels about ticcing. I know every kid is different but for my son, learning about his TS was very positive.

    Don't forget to give your kid a hug!

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    Red face Re: Should I tell all to my son

    Thanks for your kind thoughts, I just wanted to note that what I thought were complex tics this last month were actually my son's compulsion to move.This was an eye opener for me because he was so elaborate in his movements, rolling,stretching,twisting,jumping,non stop, but to find out it was OCD causing the problem surprised me,but made sense. So now we have implemented deep pressure therapy and when he feels out of control we do relaxation techniques ,along with the therapy,it makes him fell better. He will start returning to school a few hours a day this week.One day at a time is my motto!!


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