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    does anyone have an obsession for cereal recently I have had these massive cravings for cereal when its not a dinner I like or lunch and its driving me crazy cause I cant always have it does anyone else have this?

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    For my son its pancakes with melted cheese on them! he wonts them all the time! he eat it almost everyday. if it were up to him he would have it several times a day! If he is having a good day it doesn't seem to be to bad..... but if something happens at school or if he did not get enough sleep....Its pancakes, pancakes,pancakes!!!!(I make them with whole wheat flour ;) ) He will like to know that there is someone who needs cereal, the way he needs pancakes. Thanks for making this post

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    lol well this is a very recent thing for me. for me its almost the complete opposite for pancakes very rarely can I eat them lol I have been very picky when it comes to eating recently........... great now Im craving cereal lol

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    What kind of cereal?

    Cheerios or Shreddies and it might not be a bad thing. If it's Lucky Charms you'll be dead in a week.

    (Just kidding.)

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    pretty much all cereals I mean the only truly junkie cereal that I really like is froot loops................ but now Im craving cheerios now that you mentioned it. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cheerios. shreddies are ok I would choose cheerios most times though............ crap now Im hungry again lol

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    my biggest munchable is baby dill pickles. and I loove me some frosted flakes. and Trix but I don't think they sell those in Canada anymore..

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    For me, it's boring old oatmeal..I love oatmeal and have some for my breakfast every day! Yum!!!

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    I like Captain Crunch Berry's. To bad its not available in Canada.


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