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Thread: poking and choking

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    My daughter pokes me in the eye out of the blue with no agression in the mix. We will be just talking or cuddling and bam right in the eye. Is that a tic?

    My daughter also will need to touch my neck. One hand then two and then press on my neck and then choking me (both hand press hard). I have to shove her off of me. Just saying stop does not work. I have to remove her hands and move her off of me. When I do that she is upset she can not continue to do it. Is that a tic?

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    Sometimes it can be a challenge to distinguish a tic from a compulsion. More complex behaviors, such as the choking and pokling you described, tend to be compulsions. The poking could be a tic, since touching, ect. are common tics. However, hurting you is unacceptable, regardless. Do you have a support system to help your daughter find a way to modify the tic or help her change the thinking pattern that leads to the compulsion?

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    Who do you suggest could best help in a situation like this?

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    Welcome needinfo!

    I completely agree with Lindiny. Some things are unacceptable regardless of where it comes from.

    A Cognitive Behaviour Therapist should be able to help your daughter learn ways to deal with her symptoms that are acceptable. Your doctor should be able to recommennd someone. If they can't the TSFC can give you a list of professionals in your area. It is important that the practitioner you choose has experience treating people with TS and OCD.

    Please let us know how you makeout.

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