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Thread: Front of the Class

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    Question Front of the Class

    Anyone seen it?

    It's a movie about a guy who grows up with TS and becomes a teacher.

    I haven't watched it yet, it was on TV so I recorded it as it was too late to start watching. Anyone know if its any good?

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    Default Re: Front of the Class

    My family really enjoyed it. It's a Hallmark movie - so it's designed to be inspirational and sappy, but that actually worked out well presenting TS in a positive light. The movie managed to touch on a whole lot of TS issues, but did limit its scope to pure TS.

    I hope lots of people watched it.

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    My son seemed to really like it. I cried throughout of course! lol They did touch a bit on OCD and anxiety but yes it was mostly about the tics. I also like how they focused on family relationships and what can sometimes happen there.

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    its really good i liked the movie a lot ..very good acting in there for the tourettes

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    I loved the main character's moto...... don't let TS win!!!! I hope I can instill such a mind set in my son!


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