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Thread: Hello again

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    Default Hello again

    Hi i havent been on for quit a while as i had problems logging in so thought id introduce myself again.Im jo and i live in the uk,i have a 10 year old son with ts,adhd and ocd and a fiancee with severe ts,adhd and ocd.Never a dull moment lol

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    Welcome back jo jo!
    I too have a 10 year old with TS++. "Never a dull moment" is a understatement!!!LOL ;)

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    I too have a 10yr old ds with TS++++++++++++++++ (feels like the pluses just keep getting added on )

    Never a dull moment for sure

    We should have T-shirts made!

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    I think that that's a good idea. The TSFC should have T-shirts made for a fundraiser.



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