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Thread: Personalized program for children with Tourette's Plus

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    Default Personalized program for children with Tourette's Plus

    I have a son that is in grade 3 and is having issues in his school. We have a great medical team supporting us and we have been advocating since September for a I.P.P. He has been diagnosed with Tourette's Plus.
    I am looking for anyone who can send me a copy (Names deleted) out of a social/behavioural Personalized Program for a child with Tourette's, anxiety, OCD, ADHD.
    Any input for a Personalized Program reguarding the above issues would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks very much!!

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    Default Re: Personalized program for children with Tourette's Plus

    I have had an IEP for my son with TS, ADHD since he was in grade 1. If you haven't already purchased this...Understanding Tourette Syndrom A handbook for educators- is a great resource and has practical accommodations and modifications that can be put in his IEP. You can also go on the advice of a neuro-psych report which can be done at the Tourette's Clinic at the Toronto Western Hospital or at the Children's Treatment Network. As he gets older and depending whether or not he has ADHD, Chris Dendy's book, Teaching Teens with ADD, and Executive Function Deficits, (though American) has many good ideas too. Sherry Pruite's book, Teaching the Tiger is also a great resource.

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