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Thread: Tourette Awareness Movement

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    Default Tourette Awareness Movement

    Hi Everyone,

    For many of us our life's mission in our spare time is to raise TS awareness. Please feel free to reply to this post and I can tell you more about all we do. Many people around the world are helping raise awareness by contacting the media with their TS stories. Many are writing personal TS blogs or family blogs about their children. Others have chosen to showcase their talents with their music, writing or artwork. If we all put a different face to Tourette Syndrome, it raises a clearer picture as to how very diverse the community truly is.

    The goal of the Tourette Syndrome ~ Awareness Movement is for the TS people themselves to raise the awareness. For TS individuals to become the public awareness group to advertise the true diversity of the community.

    If you would be interested in blogging about your life with Tourette's and having us advertise the blog. If you would just even like to write on article on TS and have it be posted in our blog, please contact us.

    Tourette Syndrome is a human condition without national borders. We should all be working together around the world raising awareness at the same time.


    Tourette Syndrome ~ Awareness Movement
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