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Thread: Biting tic

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    Default Biting tic

    Does biting and chomping count as a vocal or a motor tic? I find that I cannot satisfy it unless I hear the sound and also feel my jaws snapping together.

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    Default Re: Biting tic


    My understanding would be that what you describe would be classified as a motor tic.

    Have a look at this Forum resource for some precise definitions

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    Default Re: Biting tic

    Sounds like motor tic to me but I also make a lot of noise when I chew gum or candy. And I chew both most of the day.

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    Default Re: Biting tic

    Hi Aidranxfriesen,

    Motor tics are movements of individual muscle groups (simple motor tics) or multiple groups (complex motor tics).

    Simple vocal tics are linguistically meaningless sounds or noises.

    Jaw snapping and teeth clicking are classified as simple motor tics.
    From what you have written, your tic involves the muscle group around your jaw, but not any sounds coming from your vocal cords.

    I think (my non-professional opinion) that the biting and chomping tics you are describing are motor tics.
    If the tic is not satisfied unless you hear the sound, that might be a bit of Obsessive-Compulsive ritual in the mix.

    I hope this answers your question.
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