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Thread: CBIT: What's In It For You..If Anything?

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    Default CBIT: What's In It For You..If Anything?

    CBIT or Cognitive Behavioural Intervention for Tics is a behavioural modification form of therapy, provided by a medical professional trained in the use of this effective method of helping children (people) learn ways to manage their tics.

    Numerous articles explaining CBIT can be read HERE

    The technique does not teach suppression of tics, but rather teaches techniques to do "something else" instead of the tic. That "something else" is called a Competing Response, and is a specific action designed by the therapist to allow the person with a specific tic to use this Competing Response whenever they have the urge to express the tic in question.

    The process of identifying and defining the tic to be addressed, the manner in which the tic is recognized and the design and implementation of the Competing Response are all determined by the therapist in a rational and scientifically proven protocol.

    Other strategies are also combined with the therapeutic process, including understanding the triggers for tic activity, defining the tics that need to be addressed and the support and positive reinforcement by the child's (person's) immediate support network.

    The medical and scientific rational for CBIT has been demonstrated by showing how behavioural changes cans strengthen pathways in the brain that would ordinarily provide a braking system in the brain circuits of a child (person) who does not have Tourette Syndrome.

    The attached poll is designed to determine the interest of TSFC Forum members in learning more about CBIT. CBIT is recommended by TSFC as a first line, non medication therapy for children who have reached the age of self awareness (usually around 10 years of age). Some of the European Tourette Advocacy organizations have adopted similar guidelines for their members, with regard to CBIT. eg.Tourettes Action, U.K. on CBIT

    Therapists are being trained across the Country and there should be more in the near future. Therapist who are already trained are seeking clients for CBIT in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Your local Advocacy organization, TSFC, TSA and Tourettes Action should be able to point you to a trained CBIT therapist

    Anyone interested in learning more about CBIT is invited to post a response to this thread, with your specific question(s).

    In addition to responding to the poll, please post any experiences you may have had, good or bad, or reasons for your apprehensions or concerns in the discussion thread as well.

    We would like to know the pulse of our Tourette Community with regard to CBIT.

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    Default Re: CBIT: What's In It For You..If Anything?

    I watched a YT video posted on this forum some time ago, where the therapist helps a young man use CBIT on one of his tics. And I tried to follow along and try it on one of my own.

    Seemed to work quite well! Also was surprised that a therapy could be taught and learned in such a short time. So, definitely would recommend trying it!

    ETA - here's a link to the videos -

    2012 TSA National Conference Videos
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    Default Re: CBIT: What's In It For You..If Anything?


    Thank you for the links to the CBIT training videos from TSA. I will copy them to our CBIT section for our members searching for information on the subject. The video is of a presentation by Dr. Douglas Woods, the "Rockstar" of CBIT in North America, whose lectures on CBIT I attended recently.

    was surprised that a therapy could be taught and learned in such a short time
    You're right! CBIT is an amazingly simple process, that does not require heavy duty training on behalf of the person with Tourette to learn the technique of analyzing the dynamics of the tic they wish to manage, then to formulate an appropriate Competing Response.

    I think adults can master the process a bit quicker than a child, who might need some additional coaching to understand the impact of external triggers on their tics, and who might need more positive reinforcement from their parents.

    An adult who can master the analytical process of their tic and formulate a Competing Response, can usually see the positive effect on their tics and can motivate themselves to continue their exercise.

    My own personal experience is similar to yours, Twidget, after learning the process, I was able to apply CBIT to manage a bothersome tic that manifested itself when I would be alone. I was pleased to see results pretty quickly.

    As an adult living with Tourette, and growing up in an era when awareness was virtually non existent, I learned to manage my tics on my own. What I discovered when I learned about CBIt was that I was not suppressing as I always thought I was doing, but rather I had been redirecting my tics. Redirection, as we now know from the evolution of CBIT is similar, but not nearly as effective as formulating a Competing Response specific to the tic being managed.

    I truly believe that CBIT will provide a revolutionary option to many people and children to manage their tic symptoms and hopefully the demand for CBIT will persuade more and more health professionals to receive the necessary training to provide the therapy.


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